Frequently asked questions

What does The School Fund do?

The School Fund works with a network of cost-effective organizations, ranging from high-performing private schools to community-based organizations. Partners select high potential students who are economically disadvantaged. The School Fund features these students on our website so donors can crowdfund their scholarships. 100% of individual donations directly fund students’ scholarships.

How do you select students?

At The School Fund, we believe that local organizations are best qualified to select students. (We do provide assistance when asked). Field partners identify high-potential students who are economically disadvantaged. Each partner has a unique selection process tailored to local needs.

How much of my money does The School Fund use to pay its administrative costs, and how much will go to the student I want to help?

The School Fund ensures that 100% of your donations to students fund their education. The operational costs we incur are paid for by separate fundraising efforts.

While making your donation you also have the option to make an additional gift to The School Fund, helping pay for operational costs and program expansion. This optional donation is clearly demarcated in the payment process.

How do I know my money will get to the student I'm trying to help?

This is one of the biggest concerns that we hear from donors. We have created a number of mechanisms to ensure that your donation will make it to its intended recipient.

We send money to partner non-profits, schools, and community-based organizations. Partners must be registered charitable organizations in the countries where they work and are required to make yearly reports on their finances to maintain this status.

We provide receipts for students on our site. Receipts are written by the bursar's office at schools for every individual receiving a scholarship through The School Fund and are posted publicly in each student's fund history.

What does The School Fund do with my information?

We will never share your information with anyone, for any reason. The School Fund uses Stripe to process transactions and does not have access to credit card information you provide through the site.

How do you select partners?

The School Fund works with partners that 1) are well respected in the communities where they work; 2) have identified school costs as a major obstacle; and 3) either operate a high-quality private school or support students who are attending local public schools.

I know a student or school in need in the developing world. Can The School Fund support this student or students at this school?

The School Fund does not work with individual beneficiaries. Instead, we work through partnerships with local organizations who select students for support.

For questions, comments or to contact the School Fund directly, please email us at