The Mission

We created The School Fund to tackle the global education crisis. We provide scholarships to high potential students in the developing world.

The big benefits of education - especially for girls

Greater participation in secondary school (high school) supports economic growth, gender equity and better health. Every additional year of education increases a student’s lifetime earnings by about 10%. The benefits of educating girls are particularly high. Women who have gone to school have fewer unwanted pregnancies, healthier children and face lower infant mortality rates.

Despite these benefits, millions of children are denied an opportunity to attend school every year. Globally, there are 63 million adolescents who are out of school, mostly in Sub-Saharan Africa and Asia. In many developing countries girls are more likely to be out of school than boys, especially if they are poor or live in rural areas. Fewer than one in five girls complete secondary school in sub-Saharan Africa.

Barriers to secondary school vary from location to location. The cost of school fees and supplies, long distances to schools, safety concerns (especially for girls) and cultural norms are some of the main reasons why adolescents don’t attend school.

How can you help?

Your donation helps to overcome some of the key barriers to secondary education. It reduces or eliminates the cost of tuition, supplies, food, and transportation.

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