Our friends and supporters come from all walks of life. Here is what several leaders and influencers have to say.

President Bill Clinton
42nd President of the United States

"In every developing country with a per capita income of $2 a day or less, each year of schooling adds 10% to earning capacity for life. This is really profoundly important... The School Fund works with local NGOs in Africa to identify students who need funding... It's a very good project." Video.

Kathy Ireland
Founder & CEO, kathy ireland Worldwide

"We live in a world where more young people than ever before are enslaved. We must battle ignorance, discrimination and poverty. Education is our finest weapon, in a peaceful war, to save young lives. The powerful educational opportunities, offered by The School Fund, are incredible."

Finn Harries
Co-Creator, JacksGap

"Education is a powerful tool that equips us with the skills and knowledge to rise above poverty and sickness. The School Fund offers this tool to those who wouldn't have otherwise had access to it. I was lucky enough to visit Kenya and Tanzania to experience the powerful effect that The School Fund has on children who have received their support."

Megan Smith
U.S. Chief Technology Officer

"Ideas are stronger and products are better when diverse minds collaborate together. I believe that all of us, especially girls and under-represented minorities, will need to team up to solve today's most pressing problems. The School Fund is doing great work to ensure that children all around the world get an education and activate their talents."

With your help, we have funded 1550 school years for 865 students in 15 countries. Below are three ways we are different.

NGO Partners

We vet and partner with the very best, most trustworthy education non-profits globally. They in turn select top-performing students to fund.

The impact of an education

The benfits of education are vast. Education leads to better health, higher wages and improved gender equality. It breaks the cycle of poverty.

100% Commitment

Our operation costs are privately funded, so 100% of your online donation goes directly to the student you support.

We seek out top brands and foundations who believe in the power of education. Here is a selection of partners and sponsors we are proud to work with.