Nancy is a student from Kenya. She needs $500 to stay in school and is currently 50% toward her goal.

Raised $250 from 2 donors Needs $250


Nancy is the second born child in a family of 5 children; two brothers and two sisters. Nancy and her siblings live with their aging grand parents. Her mother is single and earns a living doing casual labor in town to support her family. Her little income however, can not support Nancy's education. Nancy sat for her KCPE exam in 2015 and scored 380 marks and was among the best students at her primary school. She is a brilliant girl with a strong passion to overcome the odds in her life to gain an education and earn a career. She believes that a good education is the foundation a successful life. She hopes to gain secondary education and study hard to become an accountant in the future.

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Year Grade Receipt Status
2019 Form 4
2018 Form 3
2017 Form 2
2016 Form 1


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Greetings Votorino
I am Nancy a student learning in Kenya. I am glad to meet you at this web hoping you are also a learner at your place .We already come for our December Holiday which is very long .We are also in the season when farmers are out in their gardens working .I do not know more about your place but you can tell me more about it .
This being an holiday we are also out to help our parents in both the farm and in doing house chores such as cleaning the house , utensils and caring for our young ones.
I hope if also you are in your holidays you can tel me more about your area and how you may be planned for your holiday .
I also hope that you are fully preparing for your studies .You can also share with me some tips and ways you use in studying in your place . Have a nice holiday with God as your guide.
To Saloni
Greetings.I am fine at home with my friends and family members and I hope you are fine too .I have been in school for half of term two and have now come for my midterm break my stay has been fine .I have been working hard and I hope you are doing the same t your part.Remembering the saying that says "hard work never goes unrewarded".I am very busy doing my revision for exams and also helping my parents in doing both house chores and in the farm.I wish you all the best and happy moments in your studies.
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