Woohoo! Loren has funded education for 2 students in 2 countries.

  • Rehema




    I live with my mother and other family members. My mother separated with my father due to misunderstanding. This forces me into a hard situation of not getting enough school needs. When I finished standard seven I was not sent to the public secondary school due to school needs, but I thank God because of good relatives, I got a chance at my secondary school. They tried as much as they could for the first term. What I see forward is not good because the chance of continuing is very limited. This is because of the burden of other students who need to go to school. What I am proud of my life is that I am doing well academically and surely I can accomplish a dream of being a doctor. This can be done by leaning science subjects.

    School Year 2018

  • Yasir




    Yasir comes from a family of four sisters and two brothers. Yasir is a talented soccer player and math student. Outside of class, Yasir enjoys playing soccer and helping around campus with community service projects. What Yasir likes most about school are the teachers and how well they teach. Being a talented math student, Yasir hopes to be an engineer in the future.

    School Year 2017