Wema Children's Centre

Field Partner

Wema provides support to Highway Academy, a high-performing primary and secondary school in rural Western Kenya. Highway Academy regularly places in the top 100 among over 20,000 schools in the county for academic performance. The School Fund provides scholarships for underprivileged students in the local community to attend this school.

Partner Type:
Population served:
Orphans and vulnerable children in rural Kenya
Student selection criteria:
Services provided:
Boarding, basic medical care, computer center, meals, access to clean water.
TSF student promotion rate:
2015 - 100%
2014 - 100%
2013 - 91%
2012 - 100%

Wema Children's Centre is raising money for 79 students' school expenses. 45 have have been fully funded so far.

  • Faith




    Faith’s parents are unemployed and cannot support her. Therefore, she lives with her grandmother. She loves to read in her spare time and is one of few women who wants to join the police force. She has three brothers.

    School Year 2019

  • Phanice




    Phanie's father died when she was ten years old due to brain cancer. Her mum runs a thrift shop where she sells second hand clothes. Her sisters works as a waiter in a hotel and uses whatever she earns to pay her own fees at the college where she is taking a degree in education. Her younger brother is in primary school. When Phanice was in primary school, she spent a lot of time out of school waiting for her parents to find some money to pay for her exam fees. Her life has changed now that she has been provided with enough books to read and also no longer misses class. "I thank Wema very much for the great impact they have had on my life and also the great teachers at this place and I am confident i will achieve an A after my four years here." -Phanice.

    School Year 2019

  • Ivonne




    Ivonne lives alone with her grandmother, who is very poor. They do not know what happened to her mother. Ivonne loves social and religious studies and hopes to become a judge someday.

    School Year 2019

  • John




    John's father died in 2011. at the time of his death, his father had been diagnosed with throat cancer and also kidney failure. HIs mother is a sells vegetables and it is this small business that supports the family of 10. He has 1 brother,younger and 8 sisters, all older. The eldest sister is studying accounts at a nearby college while the second born is married and dropped out of high school. Three of his sisters are in high school where the fees are paid for by well wishers and relatives. his younger brother is still in primary school. He had problems paying small fees required in primary school for lunch and exams. Before he came to Wema, John had to walk long distances to and from school and rarely had two meals a day. He is glad to be in boarding school, he no longer has to walk to and from school and he is guaranteed of three meals a day. " i would like to thank Wema for giving me the opportunity of an education without challenges that pull me down" -John.

    School Year 2019

  • George




    George's mum sells vegetables by the roadside to earn a living. He has two brothers and three sisters. His family is poor and would not have been able to cater for his high school fees. In primary school, he never had shoes and would go on one meal per day. He however struggled through thick and thin and received an excellent score on his primary school exams. He intends to become computer literate through utilizing the lab at wema. He also intends to acquire real life skills and above all score a grade A in his final examination.

    School Year 2019

  • Edwin




    Father died. Family is homeless and with a big family of 13children. They need help.

    School Year 2019

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