Wema Children's Centre

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Wema Children's Centre and Highway Academy are a private orphanage and school in Western Kenya in an area with some of the highest poverty and HIV/AIDS rates. Kenyans Teresa Wati and Stephen Juma formed Wema to give poor and orphaned children a home and a high quality education. Today at Wema, 510 children are provided with a loving home, three nutritious meals a day, and most importantly, an education at one of the highest performing primary and secondary schools in Kenya.

Bukembe Village, Bungoma, Kenya
Partner Type:
Community Based Organization, Private Primary & Secondary School
Population served:
Orphans and vulnerable children from the Village of Bukembe, a poor community of 10,0000 people in rural western Kenya. There are currently 510 students enrolled at Wema evenly split by gender.
Student selection criteria:
Wema does significant outreach into the local community to inform families that their children are eligible for full scholarships. The prospective students are required to take verbal and written tests and they and their families are interviewed at the school. At least 50% of accepted students are female.
Services provided:
Education, boarding, meals, textbooks, counseling (social, college, career), training (agricultural, computer), athletics, clubs and healthcare support.
TSF student promotion rate:
2018 - 100%
2017 - 100%
2016 - 100%
2015 - 100%
2014 - 100%

Wema Children's Centre is raising money for 50 students' school expenses. 15 have been fully funded so far.

  • Davis




    Davis lives with his 8 siblings and unemployed parents. He enjoys math and science and wants to become doctor someday.

    School Year 2022

  • Ambrose




    Father and mother died, and he stays with his grandfather. He has one sister and one brother

    School Year 2022

  • Brenda




    Her parents are poor and separated. Brenda lives with her grandmother, but her brother and sisters live elsewhere with their grandfather. She hopes to become a teacher someday.

    School Year 2022

  • Abdi




    Both parents died. Children living with a very poor grandmother.

    School Year 2022

  • Alex




    Alex lives with 8 siblings and physically handicap father. He loves science and social and would like to become a teacher.

    School Year 2022

  • Velma




    Velma lives with her 7 siblings and unemployed parents. She enjoys math and science and she would like to become a doctor.

    School Year 2022

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