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The Mosqoy Youth Program supports promising yet marginalized youth from remote communities in Peru, by providing post-secondary educational scholarships. These scholarship students live at Casa Mosqoy, a student dormitory in Cusco, where they live communally during their studies. Here they receive mentorship, personal counselling and supplementary education that focuses on professional and personal development, leadership skills and cultural empowerment. This program allows students to return to their communities with the skills and qualifications needed to compete in their communities’ new job sectors and act as community leaders for the next generation. They also participate in volunteer service projects that contribute to the education of future Mosqoy Youth Program students. The goal is not only to assist our students, but to develop a self-sustaining system of education that shifts the trend towards an upward cycle of prosperity, resilience and autonomy.

Cusco, Peru
Partner Type:
Population served:
Low income students between the ages of 16-24 from rural Quechua communities who have leadership potential, good grades and a strong desire to attend post-secondary school. There are currently 11 students supported evenly split by gender.
Student selection criteria:
Need and Merit
Services provided:
Scholarships to pay for education (tuition), boarding, meals, textbooks, counseling, training (academic tutoring, supplementary curriculum workshops), healthcare support & transport.
TSF student promotion rate:
2019 - 50%
2018 - 50%
2017 - 50%
2016 - 50%
2015 - 100%

Mosqoy is raising money for 13 students' school expenses. 7 have been fully funded so far.

  • Alejandro




    Alejandro is from the annex of Acopata above the rural community of Cancha Cancha, which sits between two glaciers at 4600 metres above sea level. He has displayed incredible self-determination and hard work, living independently most of his life while working to support himself to complete his secondary education. Alejandro loves to work with his hands and help his community members by being there for them when they need it; he therefore has decided to become a mechanic, and will be enrolling in the Senati Technical Institute in Cusco, with Mosqoy’s support. He also loves languages, so will be learning English while studying with us in Cusco. He already speaks Quechua and Spanish, and hopes to learn many more!

    School Year 2021

  • Ana Lisbeth


    Ana Lisbeth


    Ana Lisbeth is from the community of Parcco near Calca, in the Sacred Valley of Peru. She is able to continue her studies to honour her late brother and fulfull her dreams with Mosqoy's support. Ana Lisbeth will be studying Business Administration at a post-secondary trade institute in Cusco and hopes to one day open her own business, where she can support future Mosqoy students and youth in her community. Ana Lisbeth finds great strength in her brother’s words, who wanted more than anything for her to continue her studies and follow her dreams despite challenges that came her way.

    School Year 2021

  • Nohemi




    Nohemi is from Mendosayoc, an extremely remote community that is approximately a three-day trip from Cusco, on the border of the Andes and the Amazon. There is no high school in Mendosayoc, so Nohemi left her community at age 12 and moved to Calca, where she completed her secondary education. Now, because of Mosqoy’s support, she will be studying at a post-secondary institute in Cusco. Nohemi hopes to return to her hometown once she graduates and support her community and family. Nohemi is a strong advocate for gender equality and the empowerment of women in education. She feels lucky that her family supported her to pursue her studies, “even though she was a girl.”

    School Year 2021

  • Anali Elimelit


    Anali Elimelit


    Anali is from Parobamba, a remote community that sits on the edge of the Andean mountains and overlooks the Amazon jungle. Anali graduated high-school a couple of years ago where she was the mayor of her school, putting on several events to support her community’s medical center and other public institutions. Anali is the daughter of a master weaver and was working in Chinchero selling textiles for the past few years, hoping to save up the funds to study, but didn’t have the opportunity to continue her education without Mosqoy’s support. Anali wishes to become a leader in her community and help those who need her support after graduating, including helping market and sell her community’s traditional textiles; she has therefore decided to study Business Administration at a post-secondary trade institute in Cusco.

    School Year 2021

  • Elim




    Elim is from the community of Llanchu, above Calca, in the Sacred Valley of Peru. Elim hopes to study Hotel Administration at a post-secondary institute in Cusco, and to one day become a role-model in her community and employ graduates from the Mosqoy Youth Program. She also wishes to use the knowledge and tools she gains to support her mother, who makes beautiful textiles. Elim is currently working hard to pass the entrance exams, as she is facing a lot of competition from her fellow peers, as well as classmates who had better access to high-school education. We are supporting her at every step of the way and providing her with preparatory academies and tutors.

    School Year 2021

  • Senovio




    Senovio (also known as Fredy) is from Cancha Cancha, a tiny rural community that has no road and very few amenities, at 4000 metres above sea level. Senovio has lived independently from a young age, and graduated high-school despite all odds because of the incredible support of community members who took him in as his guardians. His ambition shone, as he worked on their farm, translated into Quechua for community-based tourism groups, and completed a permaculture course - all before graduating high school! Now, we’re excited that Senovio will be able to continue his educational dreams with Mosqoy's support, pursuing Culinary Arts at Blue Ribbon Institute - one of the best chef schools in Cusco. Senovio wishes to open up a local restaurant chain across the Sacred Valley upon graduation where he can one day employ more students from the Mosqoy Youth Program, and then eventually continue his studies further in International Business Administration. He is also learning English and German, and hopes to learn many more languages!

    School Year 2021

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