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Field Partner

IEFT operates Orkeeswa School, a top-performing secondary school located in an under-resourced Maasai village in rural Tanzania. Orkeeswa creates opportunities for students to become strong voices for change in their communities by offering high-quality, holistic education that promotes creativity, emphasizes community service, and nurtures students’ leadership capacity. Support from The School Fund allows IEFT to provide this high quality education at no cost to students.

Partner Type:
Population served:
Students are primarily Maasai youth from neighboring villages. 78% of households in these communities live below the poverty line. There are currently 303 students enrolled at IEFT of which 65% are female and 35% are male.
Student selection criteria:
Need and Merit. Approximately 15% of applicants are admitted.
Services provided:
School supplies, athletics, nutritious meals, health care, leadership development, community engagement, arts education, entrepreneurship training and career and college counseling.
TSF student promotion rate:
2018 - 100%
2017 - 91%
2016 - 100%
2015 - 100%
2014 - 100%

IEFT / Orkeeswa School is raising money for 26 students' school expenses. 14 have been fully funded so far.

  • Padre




    Padre excelled in primary school and was ranked number four in his class. However, with six children to take care of, his family struggles to make ends meet. There are very few resources at home and they often do not have enough food to feed their children. Since none of Padre’s older siblings had the opportunity to go to secondary school, he hopes to be the first in his family to graduate so that he can give back to his family and his community.

    School Year 2021

  • Papaa




    A quiet leader, Papaa is initially shy but often steps up to take the initiative and motivate his peers. He is curious and calm, and his determination to continue his education is unwavering. Pappa is a natural athlete, and most enjoys playing football and dancing. To support their three children, Papaa’s father works as an accountant and his mother works as a primary school teacher.

    School Year 2021

  • Paulina




    Quiet and curious, Paulina enjoys exploring her interests in geography and english class with a steadfast determination. As the oldest in her family, Paulina serves as a stellar example to her younger siblings. She can often be found studying with her friends, and she hopes to become a member of parliament and help build more durable homes in her community after graduation.

    School Year 2021

  • Sarah




    Having grown up with her siblings and cousins under one roof after the passing of her uncle, Sarah knows the importance of family and kindness. Sarah is confident and well-spoken, and she is always ready to lend a helping-hand to others. As a true helper and lover of Biology, Sarah hopes to continue to take care of others by becoming a nurse.

    School Year 2021

  • Husna




    Husna is a bright and hardworking student, both academically and in sports. Husna is a member of the Tanzanian National Junior Girls' Basketball team, and has been known to say "Basketball is life." Husna was the first of her family to receive a secondary education, and she has made the most of this opportunity. Now, Husna spends her free time mentoring local primary students on the weekends in order to give back to her community.

    School Year 2021

  • Cadeth




    Cadeth lives with his father, his father’s two wives and their many children. Cadeth is the oldest of his immediate siblings, and the first in his family to attend secondary school. Cadeth’s parents are farmers and support their families with their small subsistence farm and a few animals. Cadeth’s father also takes small jobs for extra money, such as driving a taxi motorbike.

    School Year 2021

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