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ASEM (Association Pour Les Enfants de Mozambique) supports vulnerable children in Mozambique. It seeks to improve children's lives by safeguarding their rights, supporting their dignity and providing education, psychosocial support and professional training. ASEM operates a private secondary school and supports students attending local public schools. A scholarship pays for students' school fees, uniforms, food, and transportation.

Partner Type:
Population served:
Children and young adults living in extreme poverty, victims of HIV/AIDS and war and orphans.
Student selection criteria:
Services provided:
Primary and secondary schooling, boarding, psychosocial support, meal program
TSF student promotion rate:
2015 - 100%
2014 - 100%

ASEM is raising money for 25 students' school expenses. 10 have have been fully funded so far.

  • Fernando




    Fernando was born in Sofala province. He is a very humble boy, does not have many friends and spends more time at home when he is not at school. His favorite hobby is listening to music at home. In 2012, the parents separated due to social problems. In 2013 his father died. He used to be a carpenter. After his father's death, Fernando’s mother abandoned him. His grandmother took care of him and then he moved to live with his aunty. The aunt has 2 children and does not make any activity that generates income to sustain the family. Her husband does little jobs in the construction field to help the family survive. When the uncle does not get a job, they may spend a day without a meal.

    School Year 2019

  • Elton Lemos


    Elton Lemos


    Elton was born in Sofala province. He is a nice and intelligent child, and likes to play marbles with friends of his age. Elton’s father died in 2005. He used to be a guard. After his father's death, his mother remarried. Her husband would like to help but the business of selling second hand clothes is not of great sustainability, and the income is just enough to pay the rent and a minimum for the family to survive. Without help, his dream to follow up his studies may fall apart.

    School Year 2019

  • Joao




    João was born in Sofala province. He is a playful and smiling boy with many interests. He likes to play with friends in the same neighborhood. His father died in 2012, victim of illness. In life, he was selling products at the local market. After some time, his mother remarried, but the current husband pays no attention to his stepchildren. He is making little jobs as a driver here and there and he only provides food for the whole family with his low income, while the mother plants rice to help her husband with the household expenses. As there is no money to support the school expenses for the stepchildren, João hardly can fulfill his dream of becoming a teacher.

    School Year 2019

  • Rosa




    Rosa was born in Sofala province. She is a very calm and a smiling girl. She loves to play with her friends of the same age. She is orphaned of father, who died in 2011, victim of illness. He used to do little jobs in the construction field. After her father's death, her mother abandoned the children and disappeared to an uncertain part until today. No one knows if she is alive or not. Rosa went to live with her uncle. His work is helping the fishermen pulling the nets. With the salary he earns, he is not able to sustain all the needs of his family. If the girl will not get support, she will have to stop studying.

    School Year 2019

  • Sonia




    Granny works as a cook, mother sick, surviving on one meal per day.

    School Year 2019

  • Fernanda




    Both died , living with granny, selling corn on the market, surviving on barly one meal per day.

    School Year 2019

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