Beyond Fistula

Field Partner

Beyond Fistula supports girls who have recently undergone surgery for fistula repair. Often these girls have been out of school for a year or more because of their medical condition. A scholarship helps these girls return to school.

Partner Type:
Community Based Organization
Population served:
Young women recovering from obstetric fistula surgery
Student selection criteria:
Services provided:
Psychosocial support, vocational training, medical follow up, boarding
TSF student promotion rate:
2015 - 100%

Beyond Fistula is raising money for 17 students' school expenses. 14 have have been fully funded so far.

  • Quinter




    Despite many hardships in her young life, Quinter has been steadfast in continuing her education. At age 13, she became pregnant, had a difficult labor, and required medical help to recover. After her successful recovery to health, Quinter returned home to continue her schooling; she is being raised by her older sister. Quinter has not given up on her education or her hopes of one day becoming a doctor.

    School Year 2020

  • Brenda




    After Brenda's family was abandoned by their father, she and her four siblings were raised by their working mother. She became pregnant at the young age of 16, and eventually gave birth to a stillborn child. She had a very difficult delivery and required surgery. She was fortunate to find a clinic in Eldoret that provided the surgery she needed to heal. During her recovery, she dreamed of returning to school to study her favorite subject, English, and become a teacher. She is now a studious member of Class 7 at St. Joan's Academy, and is on track to graduate in 2020.

    School Year 2020

  • Siantayo




    School Year 2020

  • Jackline




    Jackline was born with a fistula. She is the first born in her family and is from a humble background. Her parents are peasant farmers and sometimes the climate conditions are so harsh that they can hardly produce enough food for the family. The parents survive from casual labor. This sometimes can be seasonal. It took her 15 years before she got repaired. Her parents had tried to take her to other hospitals for treatment but were unable to raise the required amount of money for treatment, which caused Jackline to despair. She was lucky to be among the patients who were brought to The Gynocare Fistula Center for free surgery. She was identified by "A Little 4 A Lot" and sponsored to school. She is very grateful and considers herself lucky. She wants to work hard and succeed so that she can help her younger siblings.

    School Year 2019

  • Phelistus




    Phelistus grew up living with ten siblings and her parents. At a young age, she fell in love with a traveling herds boy and became pregnant. Phelistus had a long, obstructed labor that, sadly, ended in her infant dying. She traveled to Eldoret seeking help for her trauma, and had her wounds surgically repaired. A Little 4 A Lot helped Phelistus with tuition fees and she is enrolled at Madira Girls School. She is currently at the top of her class with straight As, dreams of becoming a science teacher, and expects to graduate in 2018.

    School Year 2018

  • Priscillah




    Priscillah suffered a severe childbirth injury (obstetric fistula) due to a prolonged labor, resulting in her giving birth to a stillborn child when she was 14 yrs old. The injury was so severe she has needed to undergo multiple reconstructive surgeries and is still not fully repaired. What is special about Priscillah, is her positive outlook and determination to succeed, despite her history and being bullied at school due to her continued leakage of urine. She hopes one day be dry. Priscillah has gone from being ostracized to now being the pillar of hope for her family. She and her family are grateful that she has been given the opportunity to be in school. She hopes to do well and become a doctor, so she can help girls with fistula.

    School Year 2017

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