Beyond Fistula

Field Partner

Beyond Fistula supports girls who have recently undergone surgery for fistula repair. Often these girls have been out of school for a year or more because of their medical condition. A scholarship helps these girls return to school. We also offer a select few scholarships to the young children of obstetric fistula survivors who are still struggling to get back on their feet.

Partner Type:
Community Based Organization
Population served:
Young women recovering from obstetric fistula surgery and their children.
Student selection criteria:
Primary and secondary school age children who are motivated to attend school.
Services provided:
Psychosocial support, vocational training, medical follow up, boarding
TSF student promotion rate:
2018 - %
2017 - %
2016 - %
2015 - %
2014 - %

Beyond Fistula is raising money for 20 students' school expenses. 10 have been fully funded so far.

  • Emmanuel




    Emmanuel is a young boy whose mother is a survivor of obstetric fistula. This condition made it difficult for her to work, and she and her sons were abandoned by the father. He has his grandparents in his life, but he and his brother and mother are houseless and have periods of surviving on only one meal a day. Emmanuel very much wants to learn. When he is not in school he loves playing with his brother.

    School Year 2023

  • Kelvin




    Kelvin is a young student whose father has abandoned him, his brother, and his mother. She had an obstetric fistula from giving birth that made it very difficult for her to work. Kelvin is close with his grandparents but his mother struggles to keep the family housed and there are days they only have one meal. He wants to succeed in school along with his brother.

    School Year 2023

  • Sharon




    has both parents, was raped by a family member 2 yrs ago leading to internal damage/fistula. She is not safe at home and is being raised by the women in the Beyond Fistula program as her mother doesn't feel she can be kept safe at home.

    School Year 2023

  • Briana




    Briana is a teenager at Hillside School in Eldoret, Kenya. She lives with her mother, father, two sisters, and two grandmothers. Briana hopes that she will be able to continue her education into a good career, but she is not sure what yet.

    School Year 2023

  • Pauline




    Pauline Moraa Pauline is a shy, bright, seven-year-old who is currently doing well in school after recovering from an unsafe family situation. Her loving grandparents sent her to Beyond Fistula due to concerns for her safety, and she has now happily adjusted to life here. The older women at Beyond Fistula are like her big sisters, and she loves her new 'family', as well as the opportunity to pursue her education.

    School Year 2023

  • Faith




    Faith is a 17 year old girl interested in nursing. She has suffered with a fistula for several years and had many difficult surgeries. She is a resilient young woman ready to start form 1 January of 2020. Faith is one of five children and she lives with her parents, who do casual jobs to try to provide for their family.

    School Year 2023

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