Abaarso School

Field Partner

Abaarso School nurtures the academic, intellectual and character development of promising Somali students so that they can effectively and ethically advance their society. The school accepts students from throughout Somaliland and Somalia. As of 2016, three classes have graduated from Abaarso and over 80 students are continuing their education at leading institutions around the world including Harvard, Yale, Brown and MIT. A scholarship ensures that students from all financial backgrounds have an opportunity to attend Abaarso.

Partner Type:
Private Secondary School
Population served:
Abaarso accepts students from Somaliland and Somalia, regardless of clan or socioeconomic background. 40% of students receive full or partial scholarships.
Student selection criteria:
Students are admitted to Abaarso based on merit. Scholarships are provided based on need.
Services provided:
Abaarso is a full-service boarding school where faculty live on campus. Teachers and staff supervise clubs, lead volunteer activities and coach sports. Abaarso also provides students with college and financial aid counseling.
TSF student promotion rate:
2015 - 100%

Abaarso School is raising money for 23 students' school expenses. 16 have have been fully funded so far.

  • Mohamedeid




    Mohamedeid is a grade 8 student in the 2016 school year. His favorite classes are English, math, science, and social studies. Coming from the local orphanage, Mohamedeid is proud to have earned an education and be at the school he is now. In understanding the value of education, he enjoys volunteering his time to tutor children from the local village. He enjoys teaching and hopes to be a teacher in the future, and later the president of his country.

    School Year 2017

  • Mohamoud Mursal


    Mohamoud Mursal


    Mohamoud is a grade 8 student in the 2016 school year. Coming from the local orphanage, Mohamoud’s greatest achievement is earning a scholarship to attend school. His favorite classes are math and English. In his free time, Mohamoud enjoys playing basketball and reading novels. Mohamoud hopes to be an engineer in the future so that he can improve his country’s infrastructure.

    School Year 2017

  • Hamse




    Hamse is a grade 9 student in the 2016 school year. He has six sisters and five brothers. Outside of school, he enjoys exercising and reading nonfiction books. What he likes most about his school is the diversity, which gives him the opportunity to meet different people from around the country. Hamse has many interests and would like to be either a politician or doctor in the future so that he may make an impact on his country’s development.

    School Year 2017

  • Sacdiya




    Sacdiya is a grade 9 student in the 2016 school year. She enjoys reading inspirational books, playing basketball, and having fun with her classmates. Sacdiya feels herself to have been shy and lacking confidence in the past, but feels that she has overcome her shyness while at school. Growing her confidence and improving her academic performance in school are her greatest accomplishments so far. In the future, Sacdiya hopes to be a cardiologist and to help the poor people in her country.

    School Year 2017

  • Hamda




    Hamda is a grade 9 student in the 2016 school year. Learning English has been the hardest challenge for Hamda so far. By reading books, learning new vocabulary, and practicing speaking, Hamda has been able to improve her English. She is a Proctor at school, which she enjoys because she gets to help her peers and be a leader to them. In the future, Hamda hopes to use her education to help better her country by giving back to her school and sharing her knowledge with the students.

    School Year 2017

  • Muhyadin




    Muhyadin is a grade 8 student in the 2016 school year. He has nine sisters and seven brothers. His favorite classes are English, science, and pre-algebra. Muhyadin very much enjoys learning and so is happy to be in school and studying. In his free time, Muhyadin likes to read novels. Being concerned about the future of his country, Muhyadin has many ideas for his future. He would like to be a doctor, since there are few doctors in the country, be president to help lead his people, and open a school to educate the poor.

    School Year 2017

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