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Shining Hope for Communities (SHOFCO) transforms urban poverty to urban promise. SHOFCO provides free medical care, community empowerment programs, quality education, and clean water in the slums of Nairobi. The School Fund works with SHOFCO to provide scholarships that allow children to attend quality public secondary schools outside of the slum.

Partner Type:
Community-Based Organization Private Primary School
Population served:
Students living in Kibera, the largest slum in Kenya.
Student selection criteria:
Need and Merit
Services provided:
Scholarship recipients receive mentorship, healthcare, reproductive health classes and participate in community service projects.
TSF student promotion rate:

SHOFCO is raising money for 86 students' school expenses. 81 have been fully funded so far.

  • Mitchelle




    I live in the Kibera slums in a village known as Gatwekera. I have seven siblings and live with both parents. My favorite subjects are science, social studies and Math because they engage me and help in critical thinking. I love going for runs and exercising to be fit. I am hoping to be a professional athlete so that I can compete in long distance races and win medals and be an example to young people who are afraid to take up challenges.

    School Year 2022

  • Jane




    I enjoy going for trips, swimming, and learning. When I grow up I want to be a doctor so I can treat many people in my community. My favorite subjects are languages, and science. This is because I enjoy doing the experiments and learning new vocabulary. I also enjoy STEM lessons because it deals with my favorite subjects in a fun way

    School Year 2022

  • Jennifer




    My hobbies are reading, going for picnics, and playing with my friends at home and in school. I also like participating in school activities, especially sports as I am very active. When I grow up I would like to become a journalist and go to many places to learn different things.

    School Year 2022

  • Sheryl




    I am a very smart and hardworking girl. My hobbies are dancing, reading, and swimming. When I grow up I would like to become a fashion designer and continue to design fashionable clothes. At school I enjoy the extra curricular activities such as the sports we play. I like learning new things in different subjects but my favorites are social studies and english. I also enjoy crafts.

    School Year 2022

  • Lynne




    My hobbies are drawing, painting, and reading. I also enjoy practicing my typing on computers in school and training myself to learn how to swim when I can. My favorite subject is art because it involves a lot of painting, colouring, drawing, and some cut-outs. When I grow up, I would like to be an optician. Although opticians have tough times, I will not give up on my dream because I would like to give something back to the community. I would love to be a famous optician known around the whole of world. My dream is to travel the world helping people with their eye problems. I would like to thank my mum for all the good things that have happened to me and the C.E.O of our school, Kennedy Odede. He is my role model.

    School Year 2022

  • Hamid




    I am a student at Karen C Girls High School, and went to primary school at Green Pastures Primary School. My mother on manaes to do casual jobs to put food on our table, so this scholarship is my only chance to go to high school. I really appreciate and am humbled by this opportunity. At my high school, I am the only student from the urban slums and this was a difficult adjustment. I will work hard to succeed so I can improve my family and community's living standards. I am very thankful for the chance to attend high school.

    School Year 2022

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