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Julieth was born in 1994 and comes from Iringa. She is passionate about becoming an accountant. Math and bookkeeping are her favorite subjects because she believes that these courses will best prepare her for her desired occupation. Described as a "happy" person by her best friend, Dainesi, Julieth is a highly energetic and spirited girl who loves going to school and enjoys the challenges that education gives her. Besides enabling her to live a good life, Julieth believes good education leads to a better economy, fixes unemployment and reduces HIV spread by getting rid of ignorance. Although Julieth's mother, who is one of her role models, strongly values education, Julieth is the only child out of her four siblings to go to school due to her family's inability to pay school fees. Julieth walks 30 minutes to get to Lugalo everyday.

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Hi Julieth,

So sorry it took me a long time to respond. I am so happy to hear that you are doing well and have completed Form 6. Have you gotten your results? Are you going to University? What will you study?

I wish you much success as you continue your studies.

hi. how you doing every body. i miss you all. have fantanstic time
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