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My parents separated a long time ago and I have not seen either of them for two years now. I live with my grandparents and with my brother and sister. My grandfather owns one donkey and one cow, so we do not have very much money. My grandfather is also sick so my grandmother has a temporary job and this is where we get all of our money. Sometimes we have a hard time getting by on just that money. I finished primary school and I knew that I liked mathematics and history the best. I also like playing sports like netball.

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Hi Barbara and TSF Sponsors,

This is Emma, the Scholarship Coordinator at Jennifer’s school, and I am writing on her behalf to update you all. In January, Jennifer began Form Four at Orkeeswa School and she is doing very well! Form Four is the last year of Ordinary Level education (O-level) before students continue to Advanced-Level (A-level) in Tanzania’s education system.

As it is a very important year, Jennifer and her classmates have been working very hard to prepare for their National Examinations in November. I wanted to share some of her thoughts with you about how she is staying busy and managing the stress of Form Four!

"I am feeling very good about being in Form Four because it means I will finish O-Level! I want to finish O-level so that I can continue to A-level and accomplish my goals in school. I have a little bit of stress about being Form Four Grade too. Questions like “how will I perform on the National exams?”. For me, I don’t even want to sleep because I always want to study, but that is not possible! I think that being with my friends will help me to release my stress though, because when you discuss issues and your studies, you will learn much more. I like to study with others because I learn more from group discussions. Also, reading novels is one way for me to reduce stress. I really like books about girls – I just read “I am Malala” over the Holiday, and I really liked it. Reading it gives you many messages about not losing hope in your studies, and those kind of books help to refresh my mind. Sometimes at home, I am also going to try to listen to some music because I like it and thinks it helps me to feel less stressed."

Thank you very much for supporting Jennifer’s education and Orkeeswa School! She is working hard and very appreciative of your encouragement!

With gratitude,
Emma (on Jennifer’s behalf)
I am happy to report that you are now paid up for 2017. This is a crowdfunded effort, so I am not the only one contributing, but today I was able to make the final payment, and you are now listed as 100% funded. So have a good year, and take as much advantage as you can. All my love,

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    I am the third child in my family. My father is a driver and my mother is a cook. The problem that faces me at school is that I have been chased away because I did not pay my school fees. I really feel very sad when I am sent home from school and leave others in class studying. I want to study hard and help my family. I also want to help other people who can't get their basic needs, for example, food. After four years, what I want is to get Division 2 in my national exams. The thing I want to accomplish is to give hope to students like me so they don't give up in life.

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    Class Rank: 1/50 My dream is to become an engineer when I grow up. I know that I have to do good in subjects like Physics, Mathematics and Chemistry. In my life time I learned that difficult subjects were more rewarding when I did not give up. I learned about difficult experiences when I lost my youngest sister. It was so painful to face death when I was still a kid. I feel proud when I succeed when it is difficult now, and even more proud of myself when I received my score as the 3rd in the whole district. After these four years I want to become an engineer, to help the society in different ways and also help my fellow citizens. I also want to become a good citizen of my country.

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    She stays with her grandparents, who live in poverty.

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