Jennifer is a student from Tanzania. She needs $1200 by July 1, 2017 to stay in school and is currently 83% toward her goal.

Raised $1000 from 2 donors Needs $200


My parents separated a long time ago and I have not seen either of them for two years now. I live with my grandparents and with my brother and sister. My grandfather owns one donkey and one cow, so we do not have very much money. My grandfather is also sick so my grandmother has a temporary job and this is where we get all of our money. Sometimes we have a hard time getting by on just that money. I finished primary school and I knew that I liked mathematics and history the best. I also like playing sports like netball.

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Year Grade Receipt Status
2017 Form 4
2016 Form 3
2015 Form 2


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I think you will get surprise to see my post.Worry out cause we are the family now and we must know on one another.
My name is Amina Mambo a form four student at Miyomboni sec whom Interested with your journals.
I also to know you well about your life ,education,form you are,hobbies and may you think to tell me.

I am also good in poem ,return in my profile to see and then share with me
good lucky always come at once,
Never delay to let it pass,
You will get cry after it dis appers
I'm that lucky never let me pass like a shadow.
I think you are enjoy,
the first journal of the talent,
May be you have not
Seen in your life
Please accept it
to make me in your graph.

Hope you enjoy,
That is what i want to tell you.
Nice weekend.

Amina M.
Hi Barbara and TSF Sponsors,

This is Lisa, writing on Jennifer's behalf. Jennifer is doing really well this year in Form Three, and so enjoys reading your notes of encouragement. Thank you for posting to her journal! Jennifer also wanted to share with you about her current club at Orkeeswa School, Public Speaking. This club has been an amazing growing opportunity for Jennifer, and I'm sure you will enjoy her thoughts on the experience.

"Right now, I am in Public Speaking Club. I really like the club because it is helping me to improve my confidence. By speaking in front of others and practicing the skills, I know that I can be more confident. The club is a challenge for me though, because when you speak in front of others, it is so difficult. If you don’t have confidence, people can laugh at you and it makes you feel like you are not a strong person. But, I feel like the club has really helped me to be better and to be more confident. I have learned a lot about the things that you have to maintain while you are public speaking – like don’t distract the audience with your body, but use your words to communicate your message instead. In Public Speaking Club, I would like to improve my confidence even more. I know that it is getting better, but I can always have more and practicing helps a lot."

Thank you again for your support of Jennifer's education at Orkeeswa School! She is so appreciative of your encouragement.

With thanks,
Lisa (on Jennifer's behalf)
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  • Jamal




    Jamal was born in Sofala province. He is a very quiet and humble boy. Respectful and polite with all older people and a good friend to other children. When back from school he makes his homework and helps his grandfather, then he goes out to play football with his friends. He is orphaned of father who died in 2005, victim of illness. His father used to be a truck driver helper while his mother works in a nursery school. Jamal lives with his grandfather because with what his mother earns, she cannot sustain her son. The grandfather often helps her as well with rice from the field he is planting. Without help, he will not be able to proceed with his studies.

    School Year 2018

  • Meshack




    The most difficult experience in my life is poverty. My parents cannot earn enough from farming to provide all that our family requires. I am thankful that my fees in O-level were paid by The School Fund. It would be difficult for me to be in the place I am without The School Fund. My hope is to finish Form 6 and go to university to become a pilot. I was proud when I passed standard 7 and Form 4 national exams and was chosen to joint Form 5. After I graduate from university, I will repay The School Fund by helping new TSF students and teaching them to follow the ethics of our country. When I get a job, I will help our family to get out of poverty.

    School Year 2017

  • Bento




    I am living with my mother and my 2 brothers. My father works in a quarry in Pambara and he comes home sometimes on weekends or twice a month. My 2 sisters are married and live out of home. Our home has one room where my parents sleep and my brothers and I are sleeping outside in a hut on a mat and we have one old blanket to cover. I spent my childhood in Mangarela where I started school. After the 1st grade, I went to Maputo with my family for 3 years. Once back to Vilankulo, I started grade 1 again. During my free time, I go fishing to help the family and on Sundays, we go to church. My mother goes to the field 4 times a week. I like to play Neca and Football. I am grateful to get a sponsorship, because that will help us a lot.

    School Year 2018

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