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My parents separated a long time ago and I have not seen either of them for two years now. I live with my grandparents and with my brother and sister. My grandfather owns one donkey and one cow, so we do not have very much money. My grandfather is also sick so my grandmother has a temporary job and this is where we get all of our money. Sometimes we have a hard time getting by on just that money. I finished primary school and I knew that I liked mathematics and history the best. I also like playing sports like netball.

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I am happy to report that you are now paid up for 2017. This is a crowdfunded effort, so I am not the only one contributing, but today I was able to make the final payment, and you are now listed as 100% funded. So have a good year, and take as much advantage as you can. All my love,

Hi Barbara and TSF Sponsors,

This is Lisa, writing on Jennifer's behalf. Jennifer is doing really well this year in Form Three, and so enjoys reading your notes of encouragement. Thank you for posting to her journal! Jennifer also wanted to share with you about her current club at Orkeeswa School, Public Speaking. This club has been an amazing growing opportunity for Jennifer, and I'm sure you will enjoy her thoughts on the experience.

"Right now, I am in Public Speaking Club. I really like the club because it is helping me to improve my confidence. By speaking in front of others and practicing the skills, I know that I can be more confident. The club is a challenge for me though, because when you speak in front of others, it is so difficult. If you don’t have confidence, people can laugh at you and it makes you feel like you are not a strong person. But, I feel like the club has really helped me to be better and to be more confident. I have learned a lot about the things that you have to maintain while you are public speaking – like don’t distract the audience with your body, but use your words to communicate your message instead. In Public Speaking Club, I would like to improve my confidence even more. I know that it is getting better, but I can always have more and practicing helps a lot."

Thank you again for your support of Jennifer's education at Orkeeswa School! She is so appreciative of your encouragement.

With thanks,
Lisa (on Jennifer's behalf)
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