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Mercy is from a poor, illiterate family without any source of income. Her father was physically disabled in an accident and struggles with a drug addiction. She needs help to assist her family in the future. She enjoys playing volleyball and reading novels, and wants to become an Engineer someday.

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2018 Form 4
2017 Form 3
2016 Form 2
2015 Form 1
2014 Class 8


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My name is Mercy Naliaka I take my studies at highway academy and I am in form four. I work hard in my studies so as to pass my exams. I would like to join Kenyatta University and do mechanical engineering. I would later on like to change the lives of the people and my family.

I like reading storybooks and novels on my free time. This is because it makes me familiarize with English Vocabulary.

I joined Highway Back in 2006, being a child from a poor background, I have come to relish this opportunity to obtain quality education, and I am humbled. The Highway Fraternity and the WEMA Community have raised me well and I promised to be a successful person in future so I build on the work you are already doing.
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