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I have experienced many things in my life like the death of my beloved father and living without a father for four years. In my family I live with my mother and three sisters. Right now my mother is a peasant farmer. My dream is to be a lawyer. I am the third in my class of 46 students. I am the fourth child in my family. Both my parents raised me, but my father has since passed away. I am working hard in my studies so that I can achieve my goals. In my life I believe that education is the only thing that can make me to reach my dreams.

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Hello !!

I have great hopes that all of you are very well there and everything is going well as planned. For real, I have missed you,my family so much!!

By the way,our school is located bit interior from Karatu that is why there is a problem of internet network, something that makes me fail to send my posts frequently but whenever I get the chance I will be posting.

Am so glad that since last month we have been conducting some programs which are so inspirational and very motivating.They are so helpful in one's achievements to his or her goals.

Let me share with you some of skills that I have gained.For a person to be successful he or she must stay focused,have dreams and better strategies to achieve them.

He or she must be determined, give priorities to issues that are essential and more important in life especially in studies.

A person has to develop skills that will enable him or her to cope with different situations and circumstances together with initiating patience and ambitions.

Those are some of ideas that are so important and I have learned during the program.I hope you will find them helpful just like I have seen them to me.

Have a nice weekend Family!!!

Hidaya M.

I hope this message finds you well. How is everything going with you? I am in my senior year, that means I have to deal with college applications while taking quite a few difficult courses. However, I think I enjoy the challenge. I like all my classes, especially AP Studio Art class. I need to prepare more than 20 pieces of art work before next May for this class. It is both challenging and rewarding. How is your school? What classes are you taking? I hope you are doing well.


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