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Saumya Singh is pretty serious about her studies. She likes to help other mates of her class in studies. She likes reading different types of books. She lives with her 2 brothers in her house. Her aspiration is to be a teacher.

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2020 Class 10
2019 Class 9
2018 Class 9
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2017 Class 8
2016 Class 7


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I have been listening to government instructions about coronavirus, we don't have many cases in our village but still we must keep safe. Many families have old and elderly people so I try to educate them as much possible on the situation. I joined my online classes and resumed my studies. It's okay to be home, I enjoy my time with my siblings but I would really like to return back to school soon.
I have been studying in this school for 9 years now and I love it. The teachers teach well.
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