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Anita has so far had a very difficult life. She is an only child, although this wasn't always the case. A younger brother died of cancer four years ago and her father also died a few years previously. At the moment Anita lives with her mother. She is very dedicated to her studies. When she first came to the Condor Trust two years ago, she was very sad and shy, but this is changing little by little. Now she is beginning to dream about the future and what she might be able to do.

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Hello Anita...
Feel encouraged and work hard for God blesses the work of our of our hands .Nice time......
Hello Hajra
Thank you for your questions.
1. Ecuador is in South America - on the equator
2. I've just finished my fifth year in high school - one more to go
3. I don't know what I'm going to do exactly, but I'd like it to be something to do with health and hospitals
4. I'm 17
5. Today I didn't study - our summer holidays have just begun!

Best wishes to you. Please answer the same questions about yourself. I'd like to know more about you.
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