Ruth is a student from Kenya. She needs $500 to stay in school and is currently 20% toward her goal.

Raised $100 from 1 donor Needs $400


I come from a big family. I have nine other siblings. We are all taken care of by my father who at this point is not working/unemployed. My older siblings have attended/still attend not-very-good schools. I was to follow suit until The School Fund came to my rescue. This is a "first" in my family. This is a common situation in Kibera. I am among the lucky few from financially disadvantaged families to get support from well-wishers.

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Year Grade Receipt Status
2018 Form 4
2017 Form 3
2016 Form 2
2015 Form 1


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Hello Ruth,
how are you?my hopes are that you are doing fine with everything there in Kenya, i just wanted to ask you if you could be my friend because i really like you
Hoping to hear from you.
your admirer
Hello Sophie,
Thank you and your friends for the interest you have taken in me. I have heard a lot Australia and it's natural blessings. I used to think that Melbourne was the capital of Australia. Good to learn something new from a new friend. sad I am not able to see the kangaroo photo. I love the three of you. You all sound so interesting. How long have you been friends and are you in the same occupations?
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  • Franklyne




    I am the last born of six children. We used to do well some time back. This suddenly changed when my mother and older sister lost their jobs, thanks to a sudden sickness that struck both of them at the same time. It was so harsh. My older brother was left with a huge burden of taking care of us. Given his level of education, he is not able to secure meaningful employment. Things have been rough since. One of the major concerns for me is my education. It is one the things I hold so dearly. I want the best for my family and this can only come with someone effecting a change and I believe that person might as well be me. The opportunity to join high school is a big step towards making this dream a reality.

    School Year 2018

  • Allans




    My parents died when we were so young. My aunt took us in and she has been taking care of us since. She has a big family, plus she is a single mother. Her fish business can only cater for our meals. We have always depended on well-wishers for our education. I would want to improve the life of my family, especially my aunt's. She has done to us what no other person was willing to do. I am proud of her. The School Fund in partnership with Kenya Education Fund have given me a chance to reciprocate this kind gesture.

    School Year 2018

  • Alexander Mutisya


    Alexander Mutisya


    Alexander is the lastborn child in a family of four. All his elder siblings have all dropped out of school in primary level due to lack of school fees. His mother is single and unemployed. She has been ailing and can rarely manage to do manual work to cater for her children. Despite all odds alexander managed to perform very well in his primary level education. He is determined to achieve his goal of becoming a doctor in future. As a doctor, he believes that he will help the poor in the society access medical services. Alexander believes that education is the key to success.

    School Year 2018

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