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I come from a family of four, my two siblings, my mother and I. My father left for the countryside after he separated from my mother. This separation left us under the care of my mother. My mother is a hardworking woman and she has inspired me a lot. I owe everything I have achieved in this young life to her. She is my biggest source of hope. I joined the football team in school and I hope to help my school achieve its highest feat. I work hard in everything I do and I go for the most challenging of experiences to gain more exposure. My philosophy in life is to always strive for the highest attainable glory.

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    Pragya is a very smart and sharp minded girl. She likes playing games with her friends and she always focuses on her studies. She lives with her 3 siblings in her house. Her aspiration is to be a Computer Engineer.

    School Year 2018

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    School Year 2019

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