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Bashir Hassan Aden is a 15 year old from Abaarso, a small village located in Somaliland. This year, he’s entering the eighth grade at Abaarso School of Science and Technology. Bashir has four brothers and a sister. His mother works as a cleaner, and his father sells food. In his free time, he enjoys playing football. Although he did not speak much English when he arrived at the school, he did not feel overwhelmed. Instead, he was determined to become a better student. His favorite subject is science, and in the future, he wants to be a scientist. He hopes to continue his education, and to eventually help his family better their livelihood.

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I am currently eleventh grader at ASST. My favorite classes are English and chemistry. I participate the community service which I teach the orphanage kids in Gabiley (GOP). I do not face such difficulties as when I was new to the school. Every thing is going smooth and successful. I am currently planning to make running club for the boys. One of the things that i enjoy is doing cross country. Moreover, my favorite food is spaghetti with fish. Finally, I am working hard and looking forward to succeed in the near future.
Dear sponsorships, my name is Bashir Hassan, I am ninth grade student at Abaarso School Science and Technology. My term 2 is just started. The first term was challenging since I became upper school. All the classes were challenging and hard since we started the year. My favorite class so far is science class, because I am really interesting in to learn how do scientist discover new stuff from the past.

We had a short vacation between term 2 and term 1. That vacation were really great. I rested a lot that I got enough sleep, I used to play different kinds of sports at that time, I visit my classmates and my families in different places. I started term 2 with a fresh mind and ready to learn. So far term 2 is going as successfully to me. My goal for the term is to improve my GPA a lot as much as I can, and I hope that will happen. Thank you.
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