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Eline’s family works hard on their subsistence farm to make ends meet, but often lack the additional resources to pay for school fees. Eline has two siblings: a younger brother and an older sister. While attending secondary school in Form IV, Eline’s sister became pregnant. Eline’s family supported her through the pregnancy and now, Eline’s sister is back attending secondary school. Eline and her siblings are very thankful that their family supports their education despite obstacles. Eline is very close with her family and hopes to create a new future for them through her secondary education.

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2019 Form 5
2018 Form 4
2017 Form 4
2016 Form 3


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Dear TSF Sponsors,

This is Samantha, Orkeeswa School's Scholarship Coordinator, writing on behalf of Eline. Orkeeswa students just returned from their holiday break and are eager to be starting the new school year. Eline and her classmates completed their 10th grade studies and National Exams last fall, and while we wait for her exam results from the Ministry of Education, Eline is completing a 10-week internship with the Girls Foundation of Tanzania in Arusha. She is currently providing tutoring to young girls at the center's library, taking a computer skills and typing course, and volunteering at a local primary school!

This experience will provide a unique opportunity for Eline to give back to her community, as well as explore teaching as a career path as she waits to see what her next steps are in her secondary school education. We will certainly keep you updated on Eline's progress with her community service and entrepreneurship projects, as well as her plans going forward.

Thank you for your continued support of Eline and Orkeeswa School. We sincerely appreciate your partnership in providing the highest quality education to our students.

With gratitude,

Hello Eline

I hope that you are well fine. today I like to share with you about something that is light
light is the form of energy that stimulate the sensation of vision
there are two types of light
1.Natural source of light
2. Artificial source of light
Example of natural source of light is sun, insects, some of fish etc
Example of natural source of light is moon, kerosene lamp,bulb,etc
one of the importance of light is to make our eyes to see,drying crops, clothes etc

This is the short explanation of the light, please write to me if you know more about this .
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