Phylis is fully funded for 2018, but she is raising funds for the current funding year.

Phylis is a student from Kenya. She needs $340 by January 30, 2019 to stay in school and is currently 0% toward her goal.

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"Since we are a family of six children, it has been too difficult for my father to pay my school fees and buy uniforms. I have been getting assistance from church members up to this point. I thank almighty God that the school could provide me books, which allowed me to continue and to finish class 8. I have been brought up in a very humble background and it has been very difficult for my parents to bring daily bread into the house. My aspirations and plans is that I would like to finish high school with high marks. I would then like to join the university of my choice and pursue a degree in mass communication and be a news anchor/ presenter. Since education has no end, I would like to combine my masters and Ph.D. respectively and be a great professor in Kenya."

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2019 Form 4
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Hi Phylis!
My name is Imani and I am a form 5 student. I admire your aspirations to earn a PhD as I would like to be one as well and teach. I hope that this school year is going well for you and that you continue to work your hardest! I look forward to seeing what great things you will accomplish

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