Phylis is a student from Kenya. She needs $340 by January 30, 2018 to stay in school and is currently 0% toward her goal.

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"Since we are a family of six children, it has been too difficult for my father to pay my school fees and buy uniforms. I have been getting assistance from church members up to this point. I thank almighty God that the school could provide me books, which allowed me to continue and to finish class 8. I have been brought up in a very humble background and it has been very difficult for my parents to bring daily bread into the house. My aspirations and plans is that I would like to finish high school with high marks. I would then like to join the university of my choice and pursue a degree in mass communication and be a news anchor/ presenter. Since education has no end, I would like to combine my masters and Ph.D. respectively and be a great professor in Kenya."

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Hi Phylis!
My name is Imani and I am a form 5 student. I admire your aspirations to earn a PhD as I would like to be one as well and teach. I hope that this school year is going well for you and that you continue to work your hardest! I look forward to seeing what great things you will accomplish

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    Clinton Oduor


    Clinton’s mother works as a casual laborer, and she has struggled to pay all the family’s expenses. He was sometimes sent home for lack of school fees. Clinton dreams of having a better future, and believes he can achieve this dream through becoming a pilot. He not only wishes to see different parts of the world, but he also hopes that by securing a decent living, he can support his siblings and his mother.

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    "I come from a humble background of two parents, one sister, and one brother. We live in a single room house in Kibera. My current life situation is not so pleasing because my parents are casual workers and we live hand to mouth without enough food to eat or even good clothes to wear. Someday I would like to join the university at Nairobi and pursue a medical degree. I would like to be a doctor and treat people who cannot access medical help. I would like to help my parents by building them a big house and get them out of poverty. I would also like to help children from my slum who cannot afford school fees and their daily basic needs. My other aspiration is to be an ambassador for peace in the Kibera slums."

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    "All these years my parents have been struggling paying school fees through hard work. Since it has been so difficult for my parents to manage paying my school fees and my siblings, that is why we are applying for this scholarship so that we can do well and so that none of us needs to drop out. In my life my dream has been to be a great doctor. Being a doctor is not an easy thing, someone needs to work hard so as to succeed and this is not an easy thing without school fees. I would like to help the coming generation because some will need our help as we need yours. But all in all praise will always be to God."

    School Year 2018

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