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I want to be a doctor because I want to save people's lives and treat them so they will feel well. Also I will help my family and relatives. If I am a doctor, I can be a big help to my society. I will advise them to clean the environment which surrounds them and to avoid sharing sharp objects that may lead to the spread of diseases like AIDS, which we can avoid. I am thankful for everything and I promise to do all that I can to reach my dream.

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Hi School Fund Students

Sorry it took me a while to write to you. For those of you who is receiving my journal the first time, let me introduce myself.

My name is Indy. I am currently living at the same town as Ms Judy. She and I went to high school together. I am so happy to have this opportunity to get to know you.

I used to work with computers for many many years. Do you like to use computers?

Yesterday I met with some of my old school friends for lunch. These are the friends I have for almost 50 years. We talked about our school days when we were 12 years old.
It brought many happy memories.

Do you enjoy your school? Now is the time to form good friendship with your classmates? What do you do with your classmates? Do you study together? Do you talk and share secrets? I know you have a lot of study to do. Hopefully you can find some time to do some fun stuff with your friends.

Please write back to let me know what interests you.

Until next time,
your friend,
Hello Madam Karen,
Hope that you are fine and you are doing well with your works on my side i am fine too and even my studies are going well too,and i remember that i was tell you about the National examinations which we were doing on the last week,the examinations was not too simple and was not too hard but with the help of God i will pass and i am sure that i will enter form three without any problem.

And as you know the semester is already finish we are prepare to close it on 8/12/2017 and when we will close i decide that i will go to Dar es salaam to greet my parent ,my young sister and my other relative like my aunts and my uncles.

And i think this route it will be so great because i will see all my relatives than that last year i was saw only a few relatives. and i will study in order to finish all topics of form one and form two which i was not yet to cover all and i think until new year i will be already finish all in order to start to cover form three topics.
I have so many to say but i will end here.

Have a good day

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    Phanie's father died when she was ten years old due to brain cancer. Her mum runs a thrift shop where she sells second hand clothes. Her sisters works as a waiter in a hotel and uses whatever she earns to pay her own fees at the college where she is taking a degree in education. Her younger brother is in primary school. When Phanice was in primary school, she spent a lot of time out of school waiting for her parents to find some money to pay for her exam fees. Her life has changed now that she has been provided with enough books to read and also no longer misses class. "I thank Wema very much for the great impact they have had on my life and also the great teachers at this place and I am confident i will achieve an A after my four years here." -Phanice.

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