Edna is a student from Kenya. She needs $500 by January 1, 2020 to stay in school and is currently 12% toward her goal.

Raised $60 from 2 donors Needs $440


Edna is second born child in a family of three. She stays with her grandmother who has taken up the responsibility of caring for her. Her mother is single and jobless. Edna’s elder sister dropped out of school in form two due to lack of school fees. Edna’s journey to success in primary school was not without challenges. She woke up at the crack of dawn each morning and walked about 2 kilometers to school. Sometimes she went to school without any breakfast. Other times she arrived to school late and had to take a punishment but that did not make her to give up. She remained determined and worked hard to attain good grades. Edna emerged the best student by scoring 396 marks out of 500 at her school. She believes that determination knows no barrier.

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Year Grade Receipt Status
2020 Form 4
2019 Form 3
2018 Form 2
2017 Form 1


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Hope everyone is fine. I am also fine and still working hard at school to achieve my goal. I am at home for the midterm break. I will report back to school on Monday and continue with my studies. Thank you and God bless you. Bye bye everyone.
Hello, Portia
I am too and working hard to get to my donation goal. I also believe that I will get it. As I go back to school I promise hard work to achieve my goal. Thank you for praying for me All the BEST from Edna.
p.s. that was me in first grade now I'm in 6th! all the best. I'm praying for you:)
you will get to your donation goal very soon! I PROMISE!
I have come back home for the mid term break and all is well at school. I am still working hard at school to achieve my goal. Thank you for your support and God bless you.
I am well and the holiday was well. I have been helping my parents with house chores. I am still working at school to achieve my goal .As I go back to school I promise to work hard at school. Thank you for your support.God bless you.
Hi Marsha,
I am very happy to be back home for midterm break. The term has been well and I have been working hard in my studies to achieve my goal . It is true that there has been a lot of rains in Kenya especially in Wamunyu. The farmers have harvested a lot from their farms. You are welcomed back in Wamunyu together with your family. I will not tire working hard in school.


Hi Edna,

I am so happy to hear that you had a good Easter holiday and are happy to be going back to school. I’ve heard that there have been a lot of rains in Kenya. Is this true in Wamunyu? Does that mean that there should be good crops from the farms??

I loved the time that my children and I spent in Wamunyu last summer. I feel like we left a part of our hearts there.

I’m attaching a picture of the three of us. (My husband was unable to go with us and now he says he would like to go!).

I hope you’ll keep studying hard and working in school. I will keep you in my prayers.

The time has now come to go back to school. The holiday has been fine and I have been helping my parents with the house chores. I have also studied to improve on my grades. The Easter holiday has been fine and we celebrated it merrily. The holiday is now over and we thank God that we are going back to school again.
I am very happy for your support and may bless you so much.

Hi Zahara,
I am back home for the midterm break and I hope you are still going on well. I am well and doing well in my studies. At home I will be helping my parents with the house chores and also carry on with my studies. Everything has been well at school and I have been performing well in my studies. I will be going back to school on Monday next week. thank you for your support.


I am fine and I hope you are also fine. The holiday is now over and I am going back to school to continue with my studies. I have helped my parents with the home duties through the holiday. I promise to work hard at school to better my results. I am very grateful for the help you have given to me. May God bless you so much.

Hello Edna
my name is zahara from Tanzania.I would like to insist you that do not give up because the one who give up is the one who won't succeed.Take the necessary steps to achieve what you need.Have a nice day friend.
I hope you are all fine. I am also fine. Last week we closed school for the December holiday. I have been working hard at school for good results. The year has been good. Over the holiday I will be helping my parents at home. Thank you for you support and may God bless you. Have a merry Christmas and a happy new year.
Hello Edna
My name is Arapha I come from Tanzania at Iringa region.
I would like you to be my friend you know what all school fund student are family so I like to request you to become my friend.
What your favorite subject you love more and why? also what is your ambition when you grow up. I have one things mumy that I want to tell you that is study hard in order to fulfill your dream see a challenges like an exams every person have do it.
From your lovely friend
Hi Samwel,
How are you? I hope you are fine.I also am fine together with my family members.I have been doing well at school everything has been fine. I am about to complete my August holiday and go back to school. The holiday has been very fine. God bless you for supporting me in my studies.



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