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My name is Abdulrahman Fatuma Ali. I come from a family of three siblings and a single parent as well. Despite all the challenges, I still remained focused and worked hard in primary and managed to score a B at Stara Rescue Centre School without any hopes of joining high school. Thanks to Shining Hope for Communities for coming in and fully supporting my secondary education at Tala High School. Without forgetting where I came from, I am always focused on my education. With the support of my interest in reading to improve my academics, for I know the roots of education is bitter, but the fruit are sweet. I would like to be a teacher in the future and teach Maths & Business. I have also been touched by the work Shofco is doing with Kibera community to change the lives of people and would like to contribute to community work in future through my time and resources.

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I am called Abdul Ali. I go to Tala high school and I am in form 4. I got the scholarship when I was joining form 1. This has really helped my family who are dying in poverty and has reduced the burden of fees payment. Some of the challenges in our school include theft cases, harsh weather and climate change. Despite all these challenges I am coping with it and being that I do not lack school fees I'm giving it my best.

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