Brenda is fully funded for 2018, but she is raising funds for the current funding year.

Brenda is a student from Ecuador. She needs $820 by September 30, 2018 to stay in school and is currently 95% toward her goal.

Raised $780 from 5 donors Needs $40


Brenda lives with her mother and two older siblings. Her mother struggles to support them through her low-paid work. She started to learn to play the violin in her primary school and is now continuing to have lessons through the Condor Trust. She loves playing the violin and would like to become a great violinist.

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  • Food
  • School Supplies
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  • Uniform, Books, School Supplies

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Year Grade Receipt Status
2019 Grade 9
2018 Grade 8


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Thank you very much for your message, Deir. I would love to visit California. I am still learning the violin. A volunteer from France has been teaching us this year, and I hope I've made some progress!
Hi Brenda,

My name is Deir. I live in the US in a state called California. Right now its a warm Monday, the time is just past midnight. I read your bio earlier and it said that you enjoy the violin. I can't play but I love the sound of it, classical music is my favorite. Being a violinist sounds like a great career and I'm sure you're very talented. You'll have to save a ticket for me when you play at a large concert hall. :)
Wishing you all the best in your studies, hobbies, and goals. With love, from Deir.

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