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Shy but energetic, Naleku is determined to continue her studies. As a child, she rolled into a fire while napping and suffered from burns on her face. But, despite this incident, Naleku radiates positive energy and interacts confidently with her peers, both in the classroom and on the sports fields. Before passing away several years ago, Naleku’s father had six wives and many children. Naleku will be the first of her mother’s children to attend secondary school as her mother was unable to afford school fees for Naleku’s older brothers

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Dear TSF sponsors,

This is Tunu, the Communications and Development Manager at Orkeeswa School.

I hope you are doing well and staying safe in the midst of the ongoing pandemic.

In case you didn't get our newsletter, Orkeeswa School has taken the following steps in response to the COVID-19 pandemic:
* Closed the school on Monday, March 16 in anticipation that cases would soon be confirmed in Tanzania
* Ahead of that, we educated students and staff about the virus, social distancing, and other preventative measures they could start taking immediately
* Created and distributed Swahili informational materials to share with families and community members.
If you have any questions about Orkeeswa during this time, please let us know.

While this is a unique time globally, we are working hard to make sure we keep things on track with Orkeeswa School, and that includes keeping our Scholarship Program updated and in full operation.

Naleku completed the 8th Grade in December after taking her National Exams. Results from the Ministry of Education just came in and she and her class have a 100% pass rate. We are very proud of them! They returned to Orkeeswa School in January to begin the 9th Grade. 

Naleku and her classmates also participated in the Orkeeswa Science fair in December before the end of the school year. Naleku and her teammates worked on a project titled: Building a Fire Alarm Detector. The Science Fair culminated with a school and parent showcase where Naleku and her classmates shared their projects and findings with Orkeeswa students, primary school students, family, and community members. This is an incredible event every year and demonstrates how our students use their education at Orkeeswa to also educate others in their community. 
Naleku had this to say about the event when we spoke to her about it, “I love science. I was happy to partner with my classmate and come up with fire detector. A lot can be destroyed in an occasion of fire so it is important to have a detector. Our fire detector.”

Attached is a photo of Naleku during their project preparation. We are very proud of her!

Thank you for supporting Naleku's education at Orkeeswa School!

With Gratitude,
Tunu and Orkeeswa School
Dear TSF Sponsors,

This is Samantha, the Scholarship Coordinator at Orkeeswa School, writing on behalf of Naleku. Naleku is now in the 8th Grade, and recently, in her Life Skills classes, she has been learning about the importance of exploring and identifying the different aspects of her personal identity. She wrote a beautiful poem about herself, and I thought you would like to read it!

Short, respect, tolerance, happy
Friend of my family
Who loves music, dancing, and netball
Who is afraid of fighting, death, and conflict
Who hopes to help the community after my studies, and learn more about the Earth
Lives in Lashaine Village

Thank you for supporting Naleku's education at Orkeeswa School!

With gratitude,

Sam, Naleku, and Orkeeswa School
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