Jordan is a student from Kenya. He needs $600 by March 1, 2022 to stay in school and is currently 99% toward his goal.

Raised $595 from 2 donors Needs $5


Father died, mother remarried and children cannot put up with the step father.

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2022 Form 4
2021 Form 3
2020 Form 3
2019 Form 2


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Hi TSF, I would like to appreciate you and the school for your efforts to make sure that I am in school. Actually, last year I was not in school due to the covid-19 PANDEMIC. Fortunately due to Wema I have been enjoying life in school and am looking forward to have a big improvement in my academics come the end of this term.

It has been a very challenging year but all in all the almighty God enabled me to overcome some of the challenges. The Wema fraternity has been providing me with all the basic necessities which gave me some cushion from the adverse effects of the virus. The virus brought a huge confusion in our academic year but after nine months we are finally going back to school in January. I am anticipating to sit my final exams December of next year. I am doing my best and I promise to achieve the best results as this sponsorship chance encourages me to do my best. Thank you for the opportunity because it shall help me pursue my goal, Thanks.


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  • Maingi




    I am the fourth of five children. My father works at a local factory as a casual laborer. He is a hardworking man and I admire him a lot. However, the meager earnings he receives from the factory cannot sustain quality education for all of us. I hope that some day I will become a science teacher or lecturer and build my family a better house

    School Year 2022

  • Beatrice




    I am the second child of a single mother who works as a casual worker, mostly doing household laundry in the neighborhood. She also does other small trades and through this, she can only pay for my older brother's fee. I love playing volleyball and my dream is to represent kenya at an international level. I also dream of being an engineer and try establish a foundation to help needy children in my community.

    School Year 2022

  • Sharon




    I was raised by father after the death of my mother in 2009. She was the family' breadwinner and this proved very difficult for us. In primary school, I was supported by well-wishers and they were not able to extend the help beyong that level. I dream of being a doctor and help people in my community and Kenya at large. Hopefully, my influence will be some dsy felt across the globe.

    School Year 2022

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