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Hails from a family of 8 children. Father works as a casual labourer and his income is usually with the huge fees to be paid for children in high school and colleges. Mother is a housewife. Jackson is aspiring to be an accountant making him to work hard in Mathematics.

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2019 Grade 10


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With love...
I am very happy for this term I received the school uniform. The other one was very torn and it had been very old. I thank you for that but I promise to repay it with good performance.

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  • Mohamedeid




    Mohamedeid is a grade 8 student in the 2016 school year. His favorite classes are English, math, science, and social studies. Coming from the local orphanage, Mohamedeid is proud to have earned an education and be at the school he is now. In understanding the value of education, he enjoys volunteering his time to tutor children from the local village. He enjoys teaching and hopes to be a teacher in the future, and later the president of his country.

    School Year 2020

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    Abdilahi is in his first year at Abaarso. He grew up in a house with two brothers and six sisters. His favorite subject at Abaarso is science, because he can see how it will help his future. He hopes to be a doctor, because he says that there are too many sick people in his country. Outside of class he plays basketball for fun, and spends his free time reading and doing homework.

    School Year 2020

  • Warda




    Warda lives with her mother, two grandmothers, grandfather, five sisters, and three brothers. Warda is excited to be at our school and to be receiving a quality education. Though she finds the rigors of our school difficult, she is determined to succeed. By studying her notes, seeing her teachers and peers for help, Warda is sure that she can succeed and be the best student possible. Although learning English as a second language is difficult for Warda, English is her favorite class. In her free time, she enjoys reading novels to help improve her English, or playing soccer or basketball for fun. In the future, Warda hopes to be doctor to help the poor in her country.

    School Year 2020

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