Papaa is a student from Tanzania. He needs $1200 to stay in school and is currently 15% toward his goal.

Raised $185 from 2 donors Needs $1015


A quiet leader, Papaa is initially shy but often steps up to take the initiative and motivate his peers. He is curious and calm, and his determination to continue his education is unwavering. Pappa is a natural athlete, and most enjoys playing football and dancing. To support their three children, Papaa’s father works as an accountant and his mother works as a primary school teacher.

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Year Grade Receipt Status
2022 Form 4
2021 Form 3
2020 Form 2
2019 Grade 7


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Dear TSF Sponsors,

Thank you very much for your contribution towards Papaa's education at Orkeeswa School via The School Fund's Scholarship Match Day! Together, we are contributing to support high-quality education for our amazing students in rural Tanzania, and we couldn’t do it without you.

Thank you again for your generosity and support of Orkeeswa School and our students!

With Gratitude,
Orkeeswa School
Dear TSF sponsors,

This is Tunu, the Communications Manager at Orkeeswa School.

I hope this email finds you well and healthy, especially during this difficult time in our world. As you may be aware, Orkeeswa School reopened in June after we made several changes on campus to ensure the safety of our students, staff, and community.

Papaa is doing well and is excited to be back in school catching up with his studies. He is currently focused on covering his 9th Grade topics, and in Life Skills he is learning about Mindfulness and Meditation. He has written a letter to check in with you and your families, as well as share with you an update on what he is doing in class. Here below is the letter.

We look forward to keeping you updated on Papaa's progress and thank you for your continued support in his education. We are so thankful for your partnership, which has been even more critical this year during the pandemic, ensuring we can stay on track with our mission to provide the highest-quality education to our students.

With Gratitude,
Tunu and Orkeeswa School
Dear TSF sponsors,

This is Tunu, the Communications and Development Manager at Orkeeswa School.

I hope you are doing well and staying safe in the midst of the ongoing pandemic.

In case you didn't get our newsletter, Orkeeswa School has taken the following steps in response to the COVID-19 pandemic:
* Closed the school on Monday, March 16 in anticipation that cases would soon be confirmed in Tanzania
* Ahead of that, we educated students and staff about the virus, social distancing, and other preventative measures they could start taking immediately
* Created and distributed Swahili informational materials to share with families and community members.
If you have any questions about Orkeeswa during this time, please let us know.

While this is a unique time globally, we are working hard to make sure we keep things on track with Orkeeswa School, and that includes keeping our Scholarship Program updated and in full operation.

Papaa completed the 8th Grade in December after taking his National Exams. Results from the Ministry of Education came in and their class has a 100% pass rate. We are very proud of them!

Papaa and his classmates also participated in the Orkeeswa Science fair in December before the end of the school year. Papaa and his teammates worked on a project called: "Making a Local Extension." The Science Fair culminated with a school and parent showcase where Papaa and his classmates shared their projects and findings with Orkeeswa students, primary school students, family, and community members. This is an incredible event every year and demonstrates how our students use their education at Orkeeswa to also educate others in their community.

Papaa had this to say about the event when we spoke to him, “We all eagerly waited for Science Fair through out the year. So, I and my teammates had a great time working on our project and presenting it to everyone.”

Attached is a photo of Papaa and his teammates presenting their project during the showcase. We are very proud of him!

Thank you for supporting Papaa's education at Orkeeswa School!

With Gratitude,
Tunu and Orkeeswa School

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