Joseph is a student from Kenya. He needs $500 to stay in school and is currently 7% toward his goal.

Raised $35 from 2 donors Needs $465


Joseph is the second born child in a family of five. His elder brother dropped out of school due to lack of school fees. Since the passing on of his father, Joseph and his siblings have been staying with their mother who has taken over the responsibility of providing for her children. Though determined to make sure that her sons get the best, her health condition has affected her and can rarely manage to do manual work. After the death of their father, the extended family drove them out of their ancestral land. The family is currently living in a rented house in Wamunyu. Joseph is determined to change their family in future. He believes that hard work pays and in future he dreams of becoming a doctor, first to treat his mother and then other people in the society.

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Hello Sharon,
I have been able to attend some of the classes at Kenya Connect.Speaking the mere truth ,they are good and encouraging especially during the discussion sessions with my fellow sponsored students.As students we share our most challenging subjects during the sessions with no fear and we try to solve them.
My favorite part in Kenya Connect is when mentors are brought from different parts of our county to advise us on how to overcome different problems that we encounter while at school and also time management.I like to read storybooks because I know is one of the ways to improve and make my English better.I like Joe Biden and I'm glad that you voted for him.I would like to meet you when you visit Kenya.Remember to keep safe because we all know that this virus is real.
Yours Joseph.
Hello Joseph!

I imagine it's been hard not being in school. I'm glad that you've been able to do some revision. Have you taken some of the classes at the KC LRC? Have you participated in any of the mentoring sessions? If so, what has been your favorite part?

I live in Maryland which is close to Washington, DC, our nation's capitol. Soon we will have the presidential election. I'll be voting for Joe Biden. He was President Obama's Vice President and a good decent person. I vote in every election.

Do you like to read? Did you know that reading is the #1 way to improve in school. Studies have shown that students who read have higher test scores overall. I read every night. Sometimes I read books that tell a story and other times I read non-fiction. I also read the newspaper so I can stay informed. I strongly encourage you to read as much as possible.

Take good care and keep reading!
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