Mueni is fully funded for 2022, but she is raising funds for the current funding year.

Mueni is a student from Kenya. She needs $500 by January 1, 2023 to stay in school and is currently 0% toward her goal.

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Mueni is an outgoing girl who completed her primary education in 2017 and since her parents were unable to pay for her school fees she decided to repeat grade eight. Despite staying home for most of the time in the year due to small school levies, her dream to become a surgeon has kept her focused. Her parents are poor and only do casual jobs to cater for the family basic needs. Their house collapsed last year due to rains and they are now living in a makeshift house. ÊMueni believes that hard work never goes unrewarded.

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Year Grade Receipt Status
2023 Form 4
2022 Form 3
2021 Form 2
2020 Form 2
2019 Form 1


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Hello friends?

I am so fine and I hope you are also fine.My going at school is good and am making effort to achieve my goals.The holiday has been fine and I have managed to revise through online classes and also through the Zeraki App.

During the holiday, I have been assisting my parents with household chores and other work like cultivating crops.I have also planted some trees which are growing well.

I am going back to school on Monday 25th April and I have decided to do my best in my studies in the coming academic year.I appreciate your continuous support to make my stay in school comfortable.May God bless you all .
Hello friends?

I am much grateful to God for His protection throughout the term.I am fine and I hope you are also fine.My stay in school has been very enjoyable though tough since teachers were teaching in rush to complete the syllabus.The school environment has been conducive for learning.

During this term, I have participated in different co-curricular activities such as running cross-country during the school sports day.I managed to appear position eight.I am also an active member of the Young Christian students where I was awarded a certificate as the chairperson of the mass servers.

Throughout the term,the school has been bringing in motivational speakers and examiners to guide us on how to answer examination questions and how to revise. Our school has also organised for online classes through an app called zeraki analytic app.Through it, a student can also acquire examination questions and answers.This is to keep us busy during the seven weeks holiday.

This being my last longest holiday,I have planned to utilise my time well in order to meet my target come the next academic year.I thank you for your great support in sustaining my stay in school.May God bless you all.
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