Mwende is a student from Kenya. She needs $500 by January 1, 2023 to stay in school and is currently 82% toward her goal.

Raised $410 from 5 donors Needs $90


Mwende is a very brilliant girl who has the ambition of becoming a neurosurgeon in future. She is the third born child in a family of four. Her parents are unemployed and cannot afford to pay her school fees. During her primary level, Mwende was constantly sent home for lack of school levies. Despite the many challenges, she emerged among the top in her class.  For Mwende education is the only door to a bright future. 

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Mwende's Funding history

Year Grade Receipt Status
2023 Form 4
2022 Form 3
2021 Form 2
2020 Form 2
2019 Form 1


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Hi Piera!
How are you Piera? I am good and well ,going on with this journey of academics. I am writing to thank you for having contributed 50 dollars on 17th August 2022 , match day towards my school fees. I am working smart towards achieving my goals and my target come next year January. May the Almighty Deity bless you for your kind heart and your generosity.

Hello Matthew!
I am so grateful to express to you my joy and happiness for having contributed $250 date 17th August 2022 for raising my school fees. I lack words to express this to you. Thank you so much for being a shoulder to lean on in my academics. I am doing well in my academics ready in wait for my last exam which is due November.
May God bless you for lending a hand of help to many.
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