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Jhonatan lives with his mother and two older brothers. His mother only has part-time work, and has to help out in the local market to try and get food. When he finishes school Jhonatan would like to be a motor mechanic. In his spare time, he enjoys riding his bike and listening to music.

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2022 Year 3
2021 Grade 9
2020 Grade 8


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This term didn't go so well, because of problems with the internet. School sometimes sets a project one day and wants the results the next day, but this is difficult and sometimes I don't have all the materials I need. Thank you for helping.
I'm very comfortable with this way of learning by zoom. I love all the subjects and the teachers are very good. I study the subjects I like every day - maths and physical education. You can't interact very much, but we do various projects and I like to participate. I miss going out to play in the fresh air, but I try and distract myself by doing maths homework and looking for information for my projects.
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