Judith Katuku F.

Secondary School: Ngamba Mixed Secondary School, Kenya. Class of 2013
Partner Organization: Kenya Connect

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Personal Information

Birthday: August 17, 1996 I Want to Be: Doctor
Gender: Female Hobbies: Reading
Favorite Classes: Math, Biology & Chemistry Family: mother, 1 sister
Favorite Books: Adventures of Thinker

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Born in 1996 in Ngamba village, Judith is the first born child in a family of two children. Her single mother works hard as a house-help within the village and with her meager earnings takes care of the family. Judith is very determined to continue with her studies against all odds and many times she has do manual jobs like fetching water for people and burning charcoal during weekends and holidays in order to supplement her motherís income to pay school fees and buy food. The family does not own any land because culturally, women are not allocated any portion of their father's land.

Judith is an exceptionally brilliant student and given the opportunity to study and get a good education she has the potential to excel in life and become a productive person in her family and community.