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How the school fund works


We partner with local organizations

The School Fund works with a network of cost-effective organizations, ranging from high performing private schools to community-based organizations that support students attending local public schools. All partners are carefully vetted.


Partners select students for scholarships

At The School Fund, we believe that local organizations are best qualified to select students. (We do provide guidance when asked). Field partners identify high potential students who are economically disadvantaged. Each partner has a unique selection process tailored to local needs.


We fundraise and track student progress

We feature students on our website so donors can crowdfund their scholarships. 100% of individual donations directly fund students’ scholarships. The School Fund ensures that students are enrolled by collecting receipts from schools and visiting partners in the field. We also track students’ progress through school.

The people who make it happen

  • Matt Severson
  • Michael Childress
    Senior Program Advisor
  • Eric Dodge
    Programs Administrator
  • Vignesh Prabhu
    Marketing Intern
  • Stephanie Skryzowksi
    Finance Officer
  • Fatima Saadullah
    Marketing Intern
  • Dan Barritt
    Senior UX Researcher Google
  • Tim Carlberg
    Senior Project Manager
    Skoll Foundation
  • Kurt Davis Jr.
    AVP, Barclays | Treasurer, TSF
  • Finn Harries
    Designer & Filmmaker
    Co-Creator, Jacksgap
  • Andrew Perrault
    CS PhD Student, University of Toronto | Secretary, TSF
  • Denis Severson
    Former Software Engineer, Google
  • Matt Severson
    MBA Candidate, Harvard Business School | Chair, TSF
  • Prerana Vaidya
    Founder & CEO
  • Abaarso School
  • ASEM
  • Beyond Fistula
  • Condor Trust for Education
  • IEFT
  • Kenya Connect
  • Kenya Education Fund
  • Milaan
  • Mosqoy
  • The School Fund TZ
  • Wema Children's Centre
  • 11th Hour Project
  • Better World Books
  • Creative Artists Agency
  • Chegg
  • Google
  • Heising Simons Foundation
  • Inner Fire Apparel
  • RED Academy
  • Shinnyo-en Foundation
  • Skees Family Foundation
  • Anonymous
  • Brin Wojcicki Foundation
  • Dan & Catharine Garber
  • Severson Family Fund
  • Kellee M. Franklin
    Sr. Advisor
    Global Strategy & Technology Consulting, Leadership Development, Healthcare Innovation
    Former: Booz Allen Hamilton

  • Cari Guittard
    Sr. Advisor
    Women's Leadership, International Negotiations, Corporate Diplomacy, Geopolitical Risk
    Former: US State Department
  • Louis D. Lo Praeste
    Special Advisor
    to the President

  • Radhika Malpani
    Engineering Director

  • Michael Pope
    Managing Director
    Vert Capital

  • James Seymour-Lock
    Sr. Advisor
    Website Development

  • Gina L. Taglieri
    Sr. Advisor
    Human Rights, Women's Empowerment, Non-Profit Management
    Major Gifts Officer http://www.humanrightsfirst.org
  • Janelle Williams
    Sr. Advisor
    Education and Philanthropy
    Senior Associate, The Annie E. Casey Foundation
    The University of Georgia
  • Maria Xenidou
    Sr. Advisor
    Corporate Strategy, Marketing & Innovation
    Former: Henkel Corp.

For questions, comments or to contact the School Fund directly, please email us at hello@theschoolfund.org.