Student Journal Entries
Happy new year? I am so proud that I got the new year at peace and in good conditions. Thanks a lot for your best wishes to me concerning my examinations. Also I am thankful for your prayers that you offer to God on my welfare.
I am proud to share my performance in the last year's national exams, I managed to attain a mean grade of B and I was position two out of hundred and forty four students in the school that I was schooling. With this grade I have a chance to the university.
I would like to your daughter, Bella, to share her experience in the university with me. May God bless you all.
I am grateful for your devoted supported towards my education. May God bless you abundantly. Greet your family Happy New Year on my behalf.
Your friend,
Isaac N.
Greatings friends,
It have been a good holiday back at home. We are opening school today. I have helped my parents the best I can and also studied.
I promise to put some extra effort in my academic work since this is my final year. Hope you the best and God bless you for your support.

Hi friends.The December holiday has been good and I thank God for being with me the whole year.As I go back to school am determined to work hard and do well in my education.
I am very glad to inform you that we are about to open school for the first term of the year.This is the last year of my high school education and I would like to assure you that I will do good.Lastly I would like to thank you for your support.
Hello Suhayb,
My name is virginia am a Kenyan girl. I hope your fine. Am also fine. Am sending best wishes for your studies.

Be blessed.
Hello Bushra,
My name is Virginia am Kenya girl am working smart to success. Am sending best wishes for your studies.

I hope you are really fine , you had merry Christmas and happy new year . Am glad to inform you that we are opening our schools tomorrow.I hope the term will be fine to me.I will work smart for the success of my studies.The holiday was successful to me and i tried to obey my parents.Thank you for the great support you have provided for me.May God bless you all.
I am really fortunate to be part of PAX, a USA exchange program. It is my pleasure to spend my senior year at Bloomington High School South, which locates Bloomington, Indiana. Since I arrived in the States, I have encounter magnificent American experiences through my host family, most importantly scouting and camping. So far, the most important lesson I have learnt is to socialize, I would not be able to learn from different people from all over the world if I would not open to share with them. Lastly, I'm frankly appreciative to my host family who let me enjoy my year in the States, and give the opportunity to learn from them and teaching significant and fun experiences, such as skiing.
Shalom. It's the end of the long holiday and the year too. I really enjoyed the stay at home and thank God for it. I'm looking forward to a great time in school . I wish all students the best in their activities. God bless you all. Bye till the next holiday.
Madam Judy
It is my hope that you are doing well in your activities,to my side i am continuing well in my studies in order to reach my dreams.
I was so happy while we are doing the mock exams because in my lovely subject biology we have given a frog in order to dissect it ,i was done that experiment very well.Even for other subjects i was done well and i am waiting for result on january,i hope it will be good.
God bless you in your activities.
Dear suzan. It is my big hope that you are really fine with your all activities .iam also fine with my activities . it is not too long since i posted to you last journal and today i want to share with you about the use of illegal drugs.Now days alot of people are affected by illegal drugs many of them they use tobbaco and so on. Other people get lung cancer due to the use of drugs.Others they got brain damage. Goverment should strictly fight against the use of illegal drugs. I also support the goverment througth commenting on various posts in internent. I wish you to surpport me too. Best regards. Babla.
I went to Michigan as my exchange student this year. My year started pretty Awesome way. I have such an amazing family and siblings who are willing to help me with anything. they're the reason I'm having a good time in Michigan. I also met awesome people who taught me a lot about the culture and what we do differently which I enjoyed the most. I never thought I would enjoy going out of my comfort zone but that's what it turned out.
My name is Ferdous, and I am currently studying at abroad as an exchange student. I am staying with a host family who has a four year old daughter. So far, I have had experienced many things, whether it was trying new things, for example, skiing, sledding, snowshoes hiking and joining the rock climbing team. One of the things I enjoy doing so far is having conversations with people about my country. By doing that, I notice I could teach many people about what Somaliland is, my culture and my religion and at the same time learn about theirs too.
I’m doing great so far. This year has been a different year for me. I went America as an exchange student and my experience is going well. I’m learning a lot about American food, traditions, and their seasons as well. Their schooling system is fairly similar to my School (Abaarso) and I’m liking it. Thank you for donating!
Hello Everyone,
Thanks to everyone who helped me out and I really appreciate your effort. Now I am in the states as an exchange student and so far I am doing great. Evrything is different but I am going alone with it. Luckily, I get a great family and Thanks to them for their generosity. In the school, I am doing well and now I finished my first semester. My classes are based on my future dream and really they are good and enjoying them so far. Finally, thanks everyone again and I am looking forward to overcome my dream.
My name is Zakariye Xariir Jaahuur. Currently, I am in grade 10 at Abaarso School Science and Technology. This is my fourth year being at this school. In this world, everyone has a talent but not everyone has an opportunity. I thank god for giving me the opportunity to be here and be part of this community and truly it is very precious to me. Ever since I came here, my character has improved tremendously as well as my academics. My favorite subjects are Computer Science and Reasoning. In the future, I want to become an IT professional and want to enhance the technology here in Somaliland.

This year is going very well. Outside of the classes, I joined debate club and electronics. Speaking of the debate club, my aim is to improve my discussion and debate skills. While I joined electronics to have a better understanding of polarity and electricity in general. Both of these clubs will benefit me for the long term. In addition to that, since I am part of a community where we help one another, I am a mentor to a new eight grade student who is really going through a hard time. I want him to catch up and be one the same page as the other in our school. Thanks for funding me and allowing me to have an education and to accomplish my goals for both the long and short terms.
I have done great things when I was grade nine and now I am grade, for past year I have been helping my younger brothers who live in the orphanage that was my plan for the last last year. For this year I wanted to accomplish my goals which is improvement of my grades because upper school is not easy. However, for first term my club was electronic and I was willing to gain more knowledge. In addition, for me this year is very challenging and I always consider how can I get rid of this obstacles. By the time I came to Abaarso school and this time is very different because I improved a lot because I did not know what I am knowing today. Education is light and I am enlighten today, if I did not came to the school or did not get this chance I will not be how I am today. Every day I take six subjects and I like one subject which is algebra the reason I like this subject it relates my future, I want to fix everything I have not succeeded and I want to improve for my life and my country. Every body has a dream and considers how he can achieved it. Even though, I improved a lot compared to when I was came to the school. Overall, I want to achieve my dream and I know without care and cooperate the would not exist. So, we need to help each other and working together then every one can achieve his dream. Thank you for reading my later and help my dream to get it.
hi now my classes are so good I like so much because of some of them I made projects . my claps are dram and debate because the are my favorite claps. My favorite class is English class because I read many stories I like to the stories specially the stories that talk about the animals for example cats because the are so funny animals and like to read always stories. The reason that I want to read stories because I want improve my English.
this term was the beginning of my 12th grade. it has been wonderful term so far and I am so excited to be on the last stage of high school and getting ready for university. I have been doing great things through this term and so far it has been pleasure to see myself doing something that i am happy with it. Besides that, I am doing great in classes and i feel that I am lucky enough to take calculus classes and physics. it was always my greatest pleasure to solve some math word problems and i have done such as a lot math during this term which i enjoyed so much that i cannot even believe it.
My name is Najma Ismail Ahmed. I live in Somalia and I live with my mother. my brothers and sisters. I study at Abaarso school and now I am 9th grade. Before I used to like studying English at school but now as Abaarso school teach who really I am, I began to like
studying every thing. At afternoon in the school we have different clubs to do and doing everyday that clubs and going school everyday lead me to have thousand goals and thousand hopes. Abaarso school teach me that during my journey that i will fall thousand times and get up million times. Still I am continuing my journey no matter what blocks me.
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