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Kandida is one of seven (she is the 6th born) and lives with her aunt. She has been living with her aunt since her father's burial service in 2003. Kandida walks 30 minutes to school every day. She believes education will allow her to succeed in life. Kandida aspires to be an engineer.

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2013 Form 4
2012 Form 3
2011 Form 2


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I just want to say hello to all of you.
My name is Judy Severson.
My son Matthew Severson began The School Fund (TSF) in 2009 when he was at University.
After he graduated from University, he started to work full time. It was then that he asked me to help TSF in Tanzania.

We were really lucky to get help from the Chairman and President Mr. Fuad, the Chief Operation Officer Mr. Amos in Iringa, our local representative Mr. Paulo in Karatu and
all the local headmaster/headmistress and teachers. Without their help we will not be able to support all the TSF students in Tanzania.
I thank all of them very much for all of their support.

I am very glad we are able to help to pay much of your school fees, so you can continue your education. Keep up the good work! I hope one day you can reach your dream.

I brought RACHEL-PI systems for all the schools and I hope that you use them to help you study. The content on RACHEL-PI can provide a lot of additional information for you to learn.
I hope your new semester is successful and joyful.

With my best wishes,
I am fine and am doing well in my studies,but i am expecting to start the form four national examinations on Monday November 4th 2013.I think i will do well in all my studies
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  • Gideon




    I have experience planting vegetables because my parents do that. Also, we have a garden at our home. Therefore, that is experience I have had in life. Apart from that experience, I also had a difficult experience when I failed my geography exam. That enabled me to learn how to cooperate with other students. I was so proud of myself when I performed well in my national exam. The memorable and happiest moment in my life will be when I reach my dream of being pilot. I will be so happy. My biggest dream is to be a pilot. I will get there through studying hard in physics, geography, and mathematics. After reaching my dream, I will help my parents to modify their cultivation system and to become professional farmers. From there they can expand the area of cultivation into a large plantation. Once I get a chance to have the power to change my country, I will build many airports in each region and some districts. This will help in the flexibility of transportation in my country.

    School Year 2024

  • Godfridi




    Experiences in my life are when I failed my examination during primary education and also when my parents failed to pay food for me. My difficult experiences in my life are when my parents have insufficient enough money to pay for all my basic needs at school such as food and other school contributions. The thing that makes me feel so proud of myself is when I succeeded in joining O-level education. This makes me feel that I will, I must, I can do everything. The most memorable and happiest thing in my life will be to reach my dream of being a doctor general so as I can help other people in society. My future dream is to be a GOOD surgical doctor. After me reaching my dream, I will give back help to my society and family, but also to WEF. I need to work hard upon reaching my dream in my life. Once I get chance to have power of changing anything in country, I will improve the education system by converting science subjects from theory to practical. In most of our schools, they teach science subjects mostly theoretically. I will start from there because as we know education is the key to every success in our people.

    School Year 2024

  • Alejandro




    Alejandro is from the annex of Acopata above the rural community of Cancha Cancha, which sits between two glaciers at 4600 metres above sea level. He has displayed incredible self-determination and hard work, living independently most of his life while working to support himself to complete his secondary education. Alejandro loves to work with his hands and help his community members by being there for them when they need it; he therefore has decided to become a mechanic, and will be enrolling in the Senati Technical Institute in Cusco, with Mosqoy’s support. He also loves languages, so will be learning English while studying with us in Cusco. He already speaks Quechua and Spanish, and hopes to learn many more!

    School Year 2024

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