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Mwajuma Abdallah, 13, is one of three children (she has one older brother and one younger brother). She lives in the Dar Fatimah Center Orphanage in Iringa Town. In 2003, when Mwajuma was 6-years-old, her mother died. Just one year later, her father, who had attended secondary school, also died. Mwajuma believes an education will gain her respect in the community. She aspires to be a doctor so that she may treat sick people and save their lives.

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I just want to say hello to all of you.
My name is Judy Severson.
My son Matthew Severson began The School Fund (TSF) in 2009 when he was at University.
After he graduated from University, he started to work full time. It was then that he asked me to help TSF in Tanzania.

We were really lucky to get help from the Chairman and President Mr. Fuad, the Chief Operation Officer Mr. Amos in Iringa, our local representative Mr. Paulo in Karatu and
all the local headmaster/headmistress and teachers. Without their help we will not be able to support all the TSF students in Tanzania.
I thank all of them very much for all of their support.

I am very glad we are able to help to pay much of your school fees, so you can continue your education. Keep up the good work! I hope one day you can reach your dream.

I brought RACHEL-PI systems for all the schools and I hope that you use them to help you study. The content on RACHEL-PI can provide a lot of additional information for you to learn.
I hope your new semester is successful and joyful.

With my best wishes,
Hi Mwajuma!
Its me mwanak.I hope that you are fine.Oya head girl wetu ni barka and head boy wetu ni saidy.Salmin ana kupa hi.
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