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Class Rank: 6/61 Faraja is 15 years old. She lives with her aunt.Her mother is alive and she is not able to pay school fees.She is number 6 in the class of 61 students.Her Father is alive but she has not seen him.They said may be he is in Mangola. But she has not seen him.She is expected to help old people she just so because she only like the way they are giving stories. Living difficult life and also she believe that, Education will be enough to do all these things.

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hi joe l,
i hope you are fine and you continue well in your daily activities,on my side i am fine and i continue well in my study inorder to achieve my goals in next week we expecting to do pre- national exam, i expect to do wonderfullllllllllllllllllllllllllll,HOW ABOUT YOU?
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    Aamiin grew up in the Hargeisa Orphanage Center, in the capital city of Somaliland. For several years before coming to Abaarso he attended Abaarso's tutoring program in the orphanage, where he was taught by older Abaarso students. He excelled in this program, and was admitted into Abaarso's first class of 7th graders in 2013, along with three other students from the orphanage. Given his background, the fact that he is at Abaarso makes him a real success story.

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    Joana was born in Inhambane province, where she lived with her parents. She is a very quiet girl and helpful. After fulfilling her homework and household duties, she plays with her friends. She is orphaned of parents. Her mother died in 2003 when the girl was 2 months old, due to illness, and her father died in 2013, victim of illness as well. He used to be a mechanic. After her father’s death, she moved to live with her aunt that works as a clerk at a butcher. What she earns is not enough to sustain the whole family and pay the girl’s school expenses.

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    Aida was born in Nampula province. She is a very quiet girl, friendly, intelligent and likes to play with her friends of the same age in the neighborhood she lives. When the girl was 2 years old, her parents separated for social reasons. The father died in 2011, victim of disease. Even separated, the father helped to support his daughter while living with her mother in Nampula. After her father's death, the family moved to Beira and began to face many difficulties; even the mother having gotten a job as a cleaner, her earnings are not enough to pay the school expenses. As Aida is a very good student and hardworking, she deserves help for her dreams to become true.

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