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Class Rank: 6/61 Faraja is 15 years old. She lives with her aunt.Her mother is alive and she is not able to pay school fees.She is number 6 in the class of 61 students.Her Father is alive but she has not seen him.They said may be he is in Mangola. But she has not seen him.She is expected to help old people she just so because she only like the way they are giving stories. Living difficult life and also she believe that, Education will be enough to do all these things.

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Dear Students,

A few years ago I came across a list consisting of some habits that are good to get into. I have incorporated these good habits into my daily life and I’d like to share them with you. I hope it helps you as much as it has helped me.

1. Sleep early, around 9pm - 10pm. After working hard through the day, your body and mind need refreshing. Rest them as soon as possible.
2. Wake up early, around 5am - 6am. Start your day early. That time is the best time for inspiration to come in. After wake up, face the sky and the sun through your window. You will be motivated.
3. Be independent. Do your tasks by yourself. Solve your problem by yourself. Don’t always depend on other people. This doesn’t mean you should not get help from others.
4. Say thank you. Always say those 2 words if you get help from others.
5. Reading. Motivation and inspiration comes from what your eyes scanning for.
6. Writing. Put down in words on things that come to your head. Try to write 1 article per day. Having a diary is also a good approach.
7. Walking. Let sport always get into your day. The simplest one is walking. Keep moving and stay healthy.
8. Meditate. Focus on what you are doing. Finish it first and move to the other one. Don’t do multitasking. You can also meditate by sitting calmly and paying attention to your breath.
9. Help other people. Help people as they need and you are capable of doing it.

Have a great week,
Jonathan Gilbert
hi joe l,
i hope you are fine and you continue well in your daily activities,on my side i am fine and i continue well in my study inorder to achieve my goals in next week we expecting to do pre- national exam, i expect to do wonderfullllllllllllllllllllllllllll,HOW ABOUT YOU?
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    "Silvia comes from a small community on the Inca Trail leading to Machu Picchu. Her community is in a beautiful natural area, but unfortunately suffers from challenges like alcoholism, domestic violence and poverty. There is also no option to access secondary education in near her home, so in order to attend secondary school she was chosen to participate in the Sacred Valley Project in the town of Ollantaytambo. Sacred Valley Project provides housing and leadership programming to girls like Silvia. Silvia dreams of one day owning her own restaurant and opening a shelter for abandoned children from in and around her community. To accomplish these dreams she applied and was accepted to Mosqoy. She just began her studies in Hotel and Business Administration and continues to build her leadership skills. We are excited to see Silvia develop into a leader for positive change in her community. “Si te caes, levántate y seguir viendo tu futuro.” “If you fall down, get up and continue to look towards the future.”

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