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The most difficult experience I had early in my life was a car accident. I wasn’t able to walk after that. My dream is to become a great doctor. Doctors are needed in the world. To get there I am always working hard to stay the No. 1 student in our school. The moment I felt proud of myself is when I taught a boy mathematics and changed his performance from low to high scores. When I am writing stories with my friends, I am happy with my life. When I grow up, I want to help all the people who are unable to achieve their basic needs. The first aim is education and I will donate to the students who are sponsored by The School Fund.

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Hello Students,

I came across a great short TED (stands for Technology, Entertainment and Design — features "ideas worth spreading) talk that I’d like to share with you. This talk is titled: Secrets of success in 8 words, 3 minutes by Richard St. John. The author and speaker conducted 500 interviews on the subject, pulling wisdom from successful TEDsters along the way. After absorbing as much as he could, St. John compiled eight powerful secrets of successful people. In this TED Talk, he shares those important success habits.
1. Passion
“Freeman Thomas says, ‘I'm driven by my passion.’ TEDsters do it for love; they don't do it for money.”
2. Work
“Rupert Murdoch said to me, ‘It's all hard work. Nothing comes easily. But I have a lot of fun.’ Did he say fun? Rupert? Yes!”
3. Get Good
“Alex Garden says, ‘To be successful, put your nose down in something and get damn good at it.’ There's no magic; it's practice, practice, practice.”
4. Push
David Gallo says, ‘Push yourself. Physically, mentally, you've got to push, push, push.’ You've got to push through shyness and self-doubt.”
5. Support (aka moms)
“Frank Gehry said to me, ‘My mother pushed me.’ ”
6. Serve
“A lot of kids want to be millionaires. The first thing I say is: ‘OK, well you can't serve yourself; you've got to serve others something of value. Because that's the way people really get rich.’ "
7. Ideas
St. John says there’s no magical secret to coming up with ideas, only a process of thinking. A few simple exercises will do the trick, such as:
• Listening
• Observing
• Being curious
• Asking questions
• Solving problems
• Making connections
8. Persistence
“Persist! Joe Kraus says, ‘Persistence is the number one reason for our success.’ You've got to persist through failure.”
If you have internet access at your library, below is the link to the talk if you’d like to watch the video presentation:
I enjoyed this talk and hope you do to 

Have a great week,
Jonathan Gilbert
Hello, Jonathan .
It my hope that your doing well ,I have seen your post and it is about the thanksgiving day there in the US, Here in TANZANIA we have several holidays such as the freedom day, union day and others, To day I would like to share with you about the union day, in our country we celebrate the union day on twenty sixth April during this day we remember when Tanganyika and Zanzibar join to form Tanzania, during that day the leaders of the two sides mixed the sand from the two sides such as Nyerere from Tanzania and Karume from Zanzibar.
Have a nice moent.
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    I come from a family of four, my two siblings, my mother and I. My father left for the countryside after he separated from my mother. This separation left us under the care of my mother. My mother is a hardworking woman and she has inspired me a lot. I owe everything I have achieved in this young life to her. She is my biggest source of hope. I joined the football team in school and I hope to help my school achieve its highest feat. I work hard in everything I do and I go for the most challenging of experiences to gain more exposure. My philosophy in life is to always strive for the highest attainable glory.

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    Alexander Mutisya


    Alexander is the lastborn child in a family of four. All his elder siblings have all dropped out of school in primary level due to lack of school fees. His mother is single and unemployed. She has been ailing and can rarely manage to do manual work to cater for her children. Despite all odds alexander managed to perform very well in his primary level education. He is determined to achieve his goal of becoming a doctor in future. As a doctor, he believes that he will help the poor in the society access medical services. Alexander believes that education is the key to success.

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    I come from a big family. I have nine other siblings. We are all taken care of by my father who at this point is not working/unemployed. My older siblings have attended/still attend not-very-good schools. I was to follow suit until The School Fund came to my rescue. This is a "first" in my family. This is a common situation in Kibera. I am among the lucky few from financially disadvantaged families to get support from well-wishers.

    School Year 2018

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