Florence is fully funded for 2018, but she is raising funds for the current funding year.

Florence is a student from Kenya. She needs $500 by January 1, 2019 to stay in school and is currently 0% toward her goal.

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Florence’s mother is unemployed and homeless. She lives in the town’s market and is unable to provide for her daughter’s education. Florence works hard in school and wants to become a doctor someday.

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  • Food
  • School Supplies
  • Boarding Fees
  • Tuition

Florence's Funding history

Year Grade Receipt Status
2019 Form 4
2018 Form 3
2017 Form 2
2016 Form 1
2015 Class 8


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Good luck in school this year.
I want to be a doctor.I am working hard in school and reading books. I like the story book 'The adventures of Zack'. I like playing football.

I love The School Fund.Thank everyone for helping me.


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  • Dismas




    I come from a family of four, my two siblings, my mother and I. My father left for the countryside after he separated from my mother. This separation left us under the care of my mother. My mother is a hardworking woman and she has inspired me a lot. I owe everything I have achieved in this young life to her. She is my biggest source of hope. I joined the football team in school and I hope to help my school achieve its highest feat. I work hard in everything I do and I go for the most challenging of experiences to gain more exposure. My philosophy in life is to always strive for the highest attainable glory.

    School Year 2018

  • Vallery




    I am the second born of five children. We live with our parents, my father and mother. It is a happy family and our parents do everything they can to keep us going. We all depend on my father's meager income and sometimes it becomes difficult to support my older sister in school. I have great ambitions of making it in life and I believe I can achieve my greatest goals with a good education. I have always committed to see this pass and the TSF support is the right platform for me and am grateful.

    School Year 2018

  • Duncan




    I grew up in the hands of a single mother. We went through several challenges together but we have always managed. In 2014, we faced the most challenging part of the year. My mother was bedridden and I had to take care of her at the same time I had to prepare for the end year national examination. We mostly had to depend on the philanthropy of neighbors and a few relatives to survive. I have embraced this as part of life. I will not let it dim my spirit. The School Fund has extended an olive branch to me. A chance to redefine my life and come out of this mire.

    School Year 2018

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