Nihdi is a student from India. She needs $220 to stay in school and is currently 15% toward her goal.

Raised $35 from 3 donors Needs $185


Hello, I am Nidhi and I enjoy coming to school. I am lucky that my parents support me in my studies. My hobbies are playing cricket, football and listening music. Someday I want to be a tailor.

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2017 Class 12
2016 Class 11
2015 Class 10


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Hi Nihdi, Im so happy your are studying to be a tailor. Do you think you will design your own clothes? What is your favorite part about learning about it? My name is Jessica I am a Massage Practitioner in Kansas. I have 3 daughters. Bless you on your journey.
Hi I am Nidhi Vajpai
I study in class 8th, My Favorite subject is G.K.
I like stitching and I like to play Cricket and football.
I like to listen music.
I want to be Tailor.
Nidhi Vajpai
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