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Shiela’s parents are unemployed and cannot support her, her four siblings, and three grandparents who live with them. She needs help paying for her school fees and pursuing her dream of becoming a banker someday.

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Year Grade Receipt Status
2019 Form 4
2018 Form 3
2017 Form 2
2016 Form 1
2015 Class 8


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My name is Nasimiyu Sheila; I am a Form 3 Student at Highway Academy High School. I joined Highway and WEMA back in 2014 while in Class 7. My school experience has been great, attending a boarding school has been a privilege since I don’t have to worry about food, water and clothing anymore and have much more time to focus on my studies.

I am always grateful to the WEMA Community and the Highway fraternity for being the rock on which my education can thrive. I would love to grow up to be an IT Consultant and develop a computer program that impacts to the struggle children from poor background have to go through to acquire an education.

Thank so much!

Nasimiyu Sheila.
Hi Shiela,
I am so happy to help fund your education this year. A good education is a key to your future. What are your interests and favorite courses? What do you like to do in your free time?
I am a senior citizen (female) and received a graduate degree in experimental psychology. Now I am working in my husband's office. We have 1 daughter and a 12 year old grandson. I live in New York City and love to swim. I swim 4 times a week on a master's swim team and am happiest in the water!
About 12 years ago I went to Kenya on a birdwatching trip. It was amazing and spiritual.
I am a huge elephant lover and am fostering 4 orphan elephants at the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust.
I'm looking forward to hearing from you.
All best wishes,
Barbara Charles
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