Abigael is a student from Kenya. She needs $500 by January 1, 2018 to stay in school and is currently 10% toward her goal.

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Abigael Mwelu is the second born child in a family of seven children. Her father deserted the family and went to live in Mombasa leaving the burden of caring and educating the children to their mother who does casual jobs like washing people clothes and digging to fend for the family. Her elder sister managed to complete high school through the support of well-wishers but she could not proceed to college and got married. Abigael has had to repeat several classes due to lack of payment for school dues but all along she has been among the top performing students. Despite her humble background Abigael is hardworking and has never given up in all these circumstances. She did her primary education examination at Sofia Primary School and managed to score 331 marks. She has been admitted to join form one at Kilembwa secondary school. Abigael believes that education is the only way to get out of the poverty cycle. She is determined to have a successful life in future that will allow her to help her family and also other needy children to achieve their goals.

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2018 Form 4
2017 Form 3
2016 Form 2
2015 Form 1


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Hi Kathleen Mwende,
How are you together with your family?I hope you are going on well with your family.I wound like to inform you that we have closed our school for December Holiday.The term was successful and i have been working hard all through.At this time we have closed our school,i wound be still revising while at home and even helping my parents.Finally i thank you very much for your support.May god bless you and grant you so much.
Hi,Kathleen Mwende
I hope you are going on well your family.I am over with my holiday and we are resuming to school on Tuesday next week.The holiday was so helpful to us.We had tuition which has helped us more.I hope i will make a remarkable improvement in my studies.As we begin the term i hope to do better.Thank you very much for your
support.Greet your family.
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  • Telvia




    Hello everyone. I am living with my mother and my two sisters, one brother and three cousins in Vilankulo. Our house is built in local material, has two rooms and I am living in a hut outside. My father has another family with seven children and is not always with us. I like to play during my free time and to help my mother with the housework. She goes to the field to plant manioc, peanuts and beans to be able to support the family; beside the little, our father gives us to live. I love very much my grandmother, she is my best friend and I visit her 3 to 4 times a week. I am very happy and grateful to get a scholarship and I promise to work even harder. I dream to be a veterinary when I am grown up.

    School Year 2018

  • Bercia Tomas


    Bercia Tomas


    Bercia lives with her mother. As a little child, she liked to play with the ball and different local games together with her cousins. She loved to listen to the stories her parents told her, especially the one about her grandparents, the life they lived and how Grandpa lost his life in war. Recently her grandmother passed away. She was her best friend and she misses her a lot. Bercia is an intelligent girl and would like to be deputy at the parliament to defend the children of her country. She is asthmatic since she was a little girl. Her father is living in Maputo, the capital, to get treatments, as he has severe tuberculosis. Life is ruff, and the family struggles to get regular meals. She misses him and her siblings, as they are living in different families due poverty they are living in.

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    I am living with my mother and my 2 brothers. My father works in a quarry in Pambara and he comes home sometimes on weekends or twice a month. My 2 sisters are married and live out of home. Our home has one room where my parents sleep and my brothers and I are sleeping outside in a hut on a mat and we have one old blanket to cover. I spent my childhood in Mangarela where I started school. After the 1st grade, I went to Maputo with my family for 3 years. Once back to Vilankulo, I started grade 1 again. During my free time, I go fishing to help the family and on Sundays, we go to church. My mother goes to the field 4 times a week. I like to play Neca and Football. I am grateful to get a sponsorship, because that will help us a lot.

    School Year 2018

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