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Abigael Mwelu is the second born child in a family of seven children. Her father deserted the family and went to live in Mombasa leaving the burden of caring and educating the children to their mother who does casual jobs like washing people clothes and digging to fend for the family. Her elder sister managed to complete high school through the support of well-wishers but she could not proceed to college and got married. Abigael has had to repeat several classes due to lack of payment for school dues but all along she has been among the top performing students. Despite her humble background Abigael is hardworking and has never given up in all these circumstances. She did her primary education examination at Sofia Primary School and managed to score 331 marks. She has been admitted to join form one at Kilembwa secondary school. Abigael believes that education is the only way to get out of the poverty cycle. She is determined to have a successful life in future that will allow her to help her family and also other needy children to achieve their goals.

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Hi Kathleen Mwende,
Hope you are alright same to me.We are resuming to school for term three.This my last term in school and also the term which i will be doing my final examination in high school.I have prepared for the exam and i hope to do better than before.It has being a long journey but i thank God for i am about to finish up.I really appreciate you so much for you kind support you have being offering to me.May the Almighty God who sees in secret reward you with many blessings.Thank you very much.I wish you a nice time together with your family.
Hi Kathleen Mwende,
How are you? I hope you are fine together with your family.We have broke for August holiday. The term was successful full of many activities but we made it.The term had activities like music and even games.I participated in music and i enjoyed much.In my studies i am going on very well.I had a slight improvement and i am still working more harder to attain my target.
At this time we are at home i am still working hard.I would like to appreciate your support so far and may God bless you together with family. I wish you a nice time.
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