Manuel is a student from Ecuador. He needs $820 to stay in school and is currently 73% toward his goal.

Raised $600 from 3 donors Needs $220


Manuel is the second of five children. He lives with his mother, as his father has abandoned them. Manual couldn't go to school for two years because his mother couldn't afford it, so he is particularly happy to have the support of the Condor Trust and to be making up for lost time. He is a very responsible boy. His passion is playing the guitar. According to his mother he spends every moment he can practicing. His great dream at the moment is to go to Loja at Christmas. This is a town in the south of Ecuador where his grandparents live, and Manuel wants to play them some songs on his guitar.

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Total $820
  • Transportation
  • Food
  • Uniform, Books, School Supplies

Manuel's Funding history

Year Grade Receipt Status
2021 Year 6
2020 Year 5
2019 Year 4
2018 Year 3
2017 Year 3
2016 Year 2


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Hi Daniel. Thank you for your message. Good luck to you too!

I'm 18 years old now and I still have two years of school to complete. Because of my age, I can't be in the normal school system, so I've started in a different school with a different system. The teachers are helping me a lot and I'm managing my time well. I hope I can complete the final two years without problems and then continue studying so I can get a professional qualification.
Hi Manuel...
Feel encouraged and work hard . Nice time...
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    Luis lives with his mother, an older sister and two younger siblings. They live in a house with two rooms, a kitchen and bathroom. Their only income is his mother's irregular, low income. Luis is very keen on science and in his spare time likes to learn more about about it. At the moment, he is undecided whether a career as a doctor or as a mechanic attracts him most.

    School Year 2021

  • Oscar




    When he graduates, Oscar would like to work in mechatronic engineering. Last year, he represented his school in a competition for developing robots. He lives with his mother and an older sister; another sister has already left home. When he's not studying, he likes to invent things and also to do origami. His favorite book is Mi Amigo Argon.

    School Year 2021

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    Day in and day out, Namnyak is always smiling. The oldest in a large family, Namnyak has many responsibilities beyond her studies: taking care of her younger siblings, collecting firewood, fetching water, working on the farm, cooking for her family and washing clothes are just a few. Her parents are subsistence farmers; they grow maize and beans and keep a few animals to support their family. She has to walk several hours to and from school each day as she lives in one of the farthest villages. However, Namnyak never complains about all these responsibilities! She is a engaged student, kind friend to all, and a hard worker. She loves to study biology and dreams of becoming a nurse: "I love biology because it will help me become a nurse one day. If I study cells and viruses I will know what is making someone sick, and what causes diseases. I want to become a nurse so I can help my community to be healthy." With her work ethic and caring nature, we know Namnyak will be a natural for the job.

    School Year 2021

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