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Vicody was the second of nine children in her family, raised by two parents who did casual labor. Vicody loves to read; her favorite subject is English and she wants to be a teacher. After she became pregnant with her boyfriend's baby, she had an obstructed labor, which caused her to lose the baby and need medical help. Vicody sought help at a surgical clinic, recovered, and is now enrolled in secondary school where she is happy to continue to work towards her goal of becoming a teacher.

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Hello vicody
I hope your fine and me I am also fine.
my friend I would to know you and your life.
In my side I am a last in the family of four childen the first is my sister and second is my brother and third is my sister my mother name is Stamili and my father name is daud I study at miyomboni am in form two a subject which I like is mathematics
How about you
Dear Janice B.
Hello to you. Thank you for remembering me. I'm doing ok in my studies and i promise to work hard to become a lawyer. May God bless you. Thank you.
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