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"Thalia is a motivated young woman with a positive approach to life, especially when it comes to her studies. She recognizes the challenges that her community Ollantaytambo is facing and is driven to succeed in order to take leadership and create a more promising future for her community. "Dime y lo olvido, ensename y lo acuerdo, involucrame y lo aprendo." Tell me and I forget, teach me and I remember, involve me and I learn." Thalia has learned that one must keep moving ahead even through difficult times. This approach has brought her much success as she has pushed on and overcome many challenges throughout her childhood. Thalia's goal is to succeed in life and to support her younger brother, who also wants to continue his education.

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Hola, muy buenas tardes mi nombre es Thalia Choqquepuma Ccorahua este mensaje es para darles las gracias a todos mis patrocinadores por seguir apostando por mi educación gracias a ello ya termine los 6 semestres de mi carrera y ahora ya estoy entrando al curso de emprendimiento donde realizamos un proyecto o llamado también tesina como también tengo clases de ofimática e inglés las cuales me gustan mucho por q son áreas q llevamos una hora y media por día pero son las q más aprendo y me divierto, mi familia y hermanos menores están muy alegres por ese gran paso q estoy dando en mi carrera, haber terminado la primera fase de mi carrera me abre muchas puertas de trabajo para así apoyar en sus estudios a mi hermano menor y conocer el campo laboral de mi carrera.

Hello and good afternoon, my name is Thalia Choqquepuma Ccorahua. I am writing this message to say thank you to all of my sponsors for continuing have faith in my education. Thanks to your help, I have now finished all 6 semesters of my course and have begun the final course, where we will be managing a project or thesis, as it is also called. I also have I.T. and English classes which I like a lot because even though we are only in class for an hour and a half per day, I learn a lot during that time and have fun. My family and my younger siblings are very happy for me that I have almost finished studying for my professional title because it will open many doors for me work-wise, allow me to support my younger brother with his studies and learn more about accounting in practice.
Hola, me llamo Thalía Choquepuma Ccorahua, tengo 18 años y soy de Ollantaytambo. Estudió la carrera de contabilidad en Institución Superior Tecnológico Privado Khipu. Estoy cursando el 4to semestre. La carrera de contabilidad me gusta mucho dado que es importante su conocimiento para el crecimiento de una empresa. De Mosqoy me gusta la forma de convivencia dado que en este hogar no solo nos ayudan con los estudios sino también en nuestras formaciones como personas dispuestas para tomar decisiones en la sociedad. Nos apoyan con cronograma de talleres de salud, higiene personal, modales, liderazgo entre otros. Gracias por estar junto a nosotros a través de vuestro apoyo!

Hello, my name is Thalía Choquepuma Ccorahua. I am 18 years old and I am from Ollantaytambo. I am currently studying accounting in the Institución Superior Tecnológico Privado Khipu (Khipu Institute), and am in my 4th semester. I really enjoy my vocation because it is very valuable and applicable to successfully growing a business. At Mosqoy, I really appreciate the interdependence that we have amongst ourselves. In this house we are not only helped with our studies, but also our growth as mature people ready to make decisions in society. We are supported with health workshops; personal hygiene, organization, and cleanliness; and being a leader amongst our peers. Thank you for being by our side through your support!

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