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Nohemi is from the small rural community Socma in the Sacred Valley Region of Peru. Growing up it was difficult for her family to meet their basic needs. This made it challenging for her to prioritize her studies; nevertheless, she was persistent and found the support she needed for secondary education through scholarship programs. "La alegria y las ganas son los que guian nuestro camino para el exito. "Happiness and motivation guide our path to success." In the future, she would like to use her knowledge and experience in order to help develop a sustainable tourism program for Socma. She is very proud of her beautiful community and hopes to share her culture with others in a way that allows for responsible social development.

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Hola, en estos últimos meses que estoy en la casa Mosqoy terminé mi curso de actualización (proyecto), ya que es un requisito para mi graduación de igual forma empecé con mis últimas prácticas en la municipalidad de Ollantaytambo en el área de planificación y presupuesto y ya falta poco para culminar. Mi propósito es quedarme a trabajar en esta municipalidad ya que tengo conocimientos de esta área, mientras hago mis tramites para mi graduación y titulación.

Agradezco de todo corazón a The School Fund por brindarme su apoyo ya que me ayuda a cumplir con mis sueños deseados.

Hello, over the last few months in Casa Mosqoy, I have finished my final course [final Project similar to a thesis] which is a requirement before graduating. Also, I started my final practicum in the Ollantaytambo [town in the Sacred Valley of Cusco] municipality in the department of budget and planning. There’s not long to go until I finish. I intend to continue working for the municipality [after I finish my work experience] while I prepare all of the documents for my graduation and professional title, because I now have experience of working in this area.

With all my heart, I am grateful to The School Fund for supporting me and helping me to fulfil my dreams.
Mi nombre es Nohemi Orihuela Aguilar y tengo 18 años. Soy de la comunidad de Socma que pertenece al distrito de Ollantaytambo. Estudio la carrera de contabilidad en el instituto KHIPU. El área que más me gusto durante mi carrera es contabilidad comercial que consiste en emitir diferentes comprobantes de pago. Fue muy práctico y divertido de aprender. En mi tiempo libre me encanta jugar futbol y vóley! Al terminar de estudiar esta carrera me gustaría formar mi negocio que ya estoy viéndolo como. De casa Mosqoy me gusta el compartir que hacemos cada uno de nosotros, la actividades que tenemos (como el de viajar a nuevos lugares), y hacer obras de caridad. Gracias por el apoyo económico que nos dan, es una gran ayuda para nosotros.

My name is Nohemi Orihuela Aguilar and I am 18 years old. I am from the Socma community which is in the Ollantaytambo district. I study accounting at the Khipu Institute. The area that I like the most from my studies is commercial accounting, which consists of issuing different kinds of payment vouchers. It was very useful and fun to learn. In my free time I love to play soccer and volleyball! When I finish my studies in this field I would like to start my own business, and I am already looking into how to do that. At Casa Mosqoy I like the sharing that we do together, the activities (like taking trips to new places), and doing charity work. Thank you for the economic support that you give, it is a huge help to us all.

Translation provided by a Mosqoy volunteer
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